Discipline Process and Judgements

Discipline Process and Judgements

The NLD Discipline Committee has powers, devolved from the RFU, to deal with disciplinary matters at Level 5 and below. Red cards which are issued in matches will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and judgements from Disciplinary Panel Hearings will be posted here.

Reporting Procedures

Referees – Please notify the NLD Disciplinary Secretary by emailing the completed Red Card Report Form or Match Official Abuse Form to the Disciplinary Secretary as soon as possible, and no more than 48 hours after any sending off or referee abuse occurring.

Clubs – Please notify the NLD Disciplinary Secretary by email as soon as possible after any sending off or referee abuse involving your player or member, providing brief details and stating the anticipated date/time of the club disciplinary hearing into the incident.

Inform the NLD Disciplinary Secretary, by email, of the judgement and findings of the club disciplinary hearing promptly and in any event prior to the CB disciplinary hearing.

Disciplinary Secretary – Andrew Statham – [email protected]


The following administrative fees shall apply:

  • Disciplinary hearings (in person and papers) £50
  • Citings £125
  • Appeals £125


A summary of cases for last season can be viewed here:    NLD Discipline Return 2022-23

2023-24 judgements are now published here:

NLD Discipline Return 2023-24

20230825 Ian Smith Boston

20230923 Sam Chalkin Belper

20230918 Will Robinson Scunthorpe

20230916 Thomas Benbow Glossop

20230916 Will Ellison Newark

20230929 Sean Denning Newark

20231010 James Angelides Melbourne

20231024 Michael Jordan (Coach) Lincoln

20231024 Phil Trotman Spalding (recinded)

20231111 William Dale Scunthorpe

20231114 Glossop RFC

20231114 Mark Bryan Amber Valley

20231119 Ashley Davis Meden Vale

20231121 Euan North Melbourne

20231122 Jaymie Duncan Newark

20231124 David Nicks Mansfield

20231124 Lincoln RFC

20231124 James Muggleton Castle Donington

20231130 Kelvin Ojeaburu Glossop

20231203 Rio Turner Mansfield

20231124 Kesteven RFC

20231123 Alexander Parnall Melbourne

20231123 Jamie Colangelo-Long Bourne

20231009 Perry Cumber Boston

20231130 Spalding RFC

20231205 Interim Judgment Marcus Fisher Mansfield


20231221 Dean Shiels Chesterfield Panthers

20231206 Tyler Dickin Ilkeston

20240108 Alex Dawson Scunthorpe

20240109 Dan Chapman Ashfield

20240109 John Marris Cleethorpes

20240110 Adam Hart Amber Valley

20240114 Ben Taylor Paviors

20240115 Luke Mansworth Nottinghamians

20240124 Peterborough Lions. Spalding Judgment

20240115 Alex Tippett West Bridgford

20240116 Rhys Falconbridge Amber Valley

20240116 Daniel Impey Castle Donington

20240117 Michael Dixon Scunthorpe

20240124 Daniel Keeling Castle Donington

20240208 Greg Bonser Glossop

20240209 James Spotswood Dronfield

20240210 Kason Burns Glossop

20240214 James Bunton Mellish

20240214 Dylan Jowett Nottingham Moderns

20240214 Dylan Williams Ollerton

20240221 Joe Brammer Belper

20240221 Joshua White Lincoln

20240221 Nick Window Glossop

20240222 Oscar White Nottingham Trent University Form

20240223 Brodie Howatson Nottingham Casuals

20240224 Jacob Hainsworth Worksop

20240228 Will Syme-Nicholson (U18 Coach) Newark




NLD Disciplinary Committee Terms of Reference

  • The NLD CB Disciplinary Committee has powers, devolved from the RFU, to deal with matters at level 5 and below, which result from sendings off, citings, reports of abuse of match officials and reports of actions which are not in the best interests of the game and which bring the game into disrepute.
  • The Chair of Discipline has the authority to lead the Discipline Committee on all matters relating to discipline within the CB and reports to the NLD board and the RFU Head of Discipline.
  • All members of the NLD Discipline committee are appointed by the NLD board and must have and maintain current RFU Discipline accreditation. A member serves on the committee for fixed terms of 4 years. There is no restriction on the number of terms served.
  • NLD Discipline panels are selected from accredited members of the Discipline Committee by the Chair of Discipline with advice from the CB Discipline Secretary.
  • A player sent off is not permitted to play again until their case has been heard by a NLD CB Disciplinary panel. The hearing can be either in person or on papers in appropriate cases (for example, such as two yellow cards).
  • Hearings will be held as soon as is practicable after the matter arising, normally by the Thursday following the incident. The venue will be notified at the time the hearing date and time is confirmed.
  • Referees must ensure that the sending off report is delivered by email to the NLD Discipline Secretary within 48 hours of the match finishing. It will then be delivered to the club.
  • Clubs must ensure that they hold a club discipline hearing and provide the decision to the NLD Discipline Secretary prior to the CB hearing.
  • Clubs are responsible for paying any and all costs charged against any person who appears in front of a panel arising from an incident in which that person represented the club in any capacity, such fees to be determined by the CB. Costs will be invoiced by NLD RFU and must be paid within 14 days of invoice.
  • Players and clubs have the right to appeal decisions of an NLD panel by following the procedure set out in the current RFU rules and regulations.

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