Rugby is a contact sport, so players may become injured at some point in their playing career. 

It is important that these players receive the appropriate first aid whilst on the pitch and are sign-posted to the relevant medical facilitator.

First Aid - Guidelines and Course

The RFU First Aid Guidelines for 2022-23 provides invaluable information about first Aid requirements for playing and training, Age-Grade and adult rugby at all levels of community rugby.

If you are a team manager, coach, First Aider, Safeguarding Officer, parent or adult player you really should read this document so you can be sure that your team is compliant and safe.

The RFU runs the RFU Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union (EFARU) course for clubs.

The EFARU course provides learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding to give care and manage minor injuries, focusing on those
occurring in a rugby setting.

The course sits on the national qualification framework (Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work) and is transferable into the workplace.

All RFU courses can be booked on

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RFU Regulation 9.3

All clubs and those involved in arranging any rugby activity must ensure that:

  1. there is an appropriate level of immediate care and/or first aid cover, and
    equipment provided for that rugby activity as determined by a risk assessment.
    Further guidance for different rugby activity is set out in the RugbySafe First Aid
    and Immediate Care Provision Guidelines
  2. there is access to a telephone to ensure that the emergency services can be contacted immediately when needed; and
  3. there is clear vehicular access for an ambulance or other emergency vehicle.

Regulation 9 can be viewed in full here

Injury Reporting

As always, the England Rugby site contains useful information and forms for injury reporting.

IRB Regulation 10 - Medical

All players must consider their own fitness before any training or match.

Any player with suspected or confirmed concussion must comply with IRB Regulation 10 and any requirements issues by the RFU.

Below are the links for this:

RFU HeadCase website has some very good guidance


Concussion assessment tools

Concussion SCAT3

Pocket SCAT3

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