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John Lillistone
Many of you will be generally aware from the news of the incident in which a car entered the swollen River Trent some two weeks ago with two people inside the car. The car and occupants have now been retrieved…
2 weeks ago |
Election of Representative to the Rugby Football Union
After 10 years as an NLD Representative to the RFU, Mike Waplington is stepping down, leaving a vacancy which will be filled by way of election. Chairmen and Honorary Secretaries at all voting clubs, as well as NLD Management Committee…
2 weeks ago |
VACANCIES – NLD Rep Rugby Coaching and Management
NLD RFU are recruiting for all Coaching and Management positions in the U18s, U20s and Senior XV Representative Squads. Applications are invited for Forwards Coaches, Backs Coaches, Head Coaches and Team Managers for each squad to commence in the 2021/22…
1 month ago |