Disciplinary Team Updates – December 2023
2nd December 2023

Disciplinary Team Updates – December 2023

The Disciplinary Team have provided the following updates for December 2023…

A full 3 months into the season and some information is becoming available on discipline with the NLD.

There have been 35 referrals to the Panel from inside and outside the NLD; by referrals we mean red cards, match official abuse reports and citings.

34% of the referrals (12) were for Match Official Abuse which is setting a very worrying trend. The majority of these relate to non-players.

The other lead reasons are 20%, (7 instances) for punching and 14% (5 instances) for 2 Yellow Cards.

22 Clubs have referred before the Panel of which 9 have been referred more than once with the highest for a club being 4 referrals.

There have been 12 referrals related to head contact all of which have been heard so far.

There are currently 10 referrals yet to be heard of which the earliest is dated 28/10/23. Please note that the Disciplinary Panel can only complete there processes once the Club has completed theirs.

The average player suspension is 4 weeks.

Perhaps the learning from all of this is that indiscipline has a direct impact on clubs at all levels – the loss of players and impact on Clubs by points deduction for their 1st Team – as well as to their reputation.

It also indicates that dissent or other abuse directed at or perceived to be directed at Match Officials will be managed.

Please see some guidance below…

Match Official Abuse by spectators

This season has seen a significant increase in the number of reports of Match Official Abuse by spectators. Clubs are reminded that RFU Regulation 19.1.4 makes clear that, for disciplinary purposes, all clubs are deemed to be responsible for the behaviour of their players, officials, members, spectators and employees.

Where a club is facing allegations of Match Official Abuse by a spectator or spectators the disciplinary panel will consider any lack of proactive monitoring and engagement by the club in challenging Match Official Abuse as a serious aggravating factor in determining any sanction to be imposed on the club.

Age Grade Game Guidance

A reminder that there is guidance for dealing with Age Grade discipline issues on the England Rugby website.

There is also an Age Grade judgment form which should be used to record the outcome of all Age Grade cases heard by a club, school or college and sent to the CB Age Grade Discipline Secretary at [email protected] within 48 hours of the hearing.

Contact the Disciplinary Secretary with any queries at [email protected]