RugbySafe is the RFU’s overarching player safety and wellbeing programme. It puts player welfare at the heart of the game and covers how to organise and manage the game so that it is played in a safe and enjoyable manner.

The RFU’s England Rugby website contains extensive information and resources relating to RugbySafe here.

The NLD fully commits to the aims and principles of the RFU RugbySafe programme.

Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union

The Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union (EFARU) course provides learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to give care and manage minor injuries and illness and potentially life threatening conditions specifically focusing on those occurring in a rugby environment.  The EFARU course sits on the national qualification framework and is recognised as an equivalent to the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and is transferable into the work place.

The course includes extra rugby specific elements and is designed for coaches, referees and volunteers.

Course can be booked on the England Rugby Course Finder page.

Clubs wanting to organise EFARU course will want to reference Club Requirements for Hosting a COVID Safe EFARU Course.

Please contact NLD RugbySafe Leads Kristina Magnus and Chris Earl at [email protected]

RugbySafe Club Leads' WhatsApp and Teams Groups

Two RugbySafe-related WhatsApp Groups have been set up for Club RugbySafe Leads.

Joining our NLD RugbySafe groups will provide opportunities to connect with other Clubs’ RugbySafe Leads who share similar interests and concerns. Networking within the RS community can lead to valuable collaborations and the exchange of ideas to enhance safety practices.

Club RugbySafe Leads should the links below to join the groups:

  1. NLD RugbySafe Lead Sharing Network – NLD RSL Sharing Network
  2. NLD RugbySafe Questions & Enquiries – NLD RS Questions and Enquiries
    [Questions and enquires can still be sent privately and directly to the NLD RugbySafe Leads by email at [email protected]]

Furthermore, Club RugbySafe Leads can access material on the NLD RugbySafe Teams site.

Being part of our groups will grant access to resources such as research findings, best practices, and guidelines related to player safety. Staying informed on the latest developments in sports safety can be crucial for individuals involved in rugby.

Here is the link and code to the NLD RugbySafe Team:

Keep Your Boots On!

The England Rugby Keep Your Boots On! YouTube Channel contains a RugbySafe Playlist.

Selected videos from the site are also listed by topic, below

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