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NLD Women & Girls Committee

The NLD Women & Girls Committee manage all aspects of the female game. They meet 3 – 4 times each year and focus on developing the game in all areas.  If you would like to get involved in the development of W&G Rugby within NLD, please contact the Committee Chairman, Neil Clack. ([email protected])

Club Rugby

There are a number of clubs throughout NLD that run women’s and girls’ teams and they are always keen to welcome new players.  If you are interested in getting involved and would like more information on your local team, contact Neil Clack ([email protected]) or get in touch with your local club directly. A list of clubs and a map of their locations can be found on our ‘Clubs’ page of this website.

NLD Women & Girls’ Representative Rugby

NLD field representative sides for Women, U18 & U15 Girls Teams as well as U13 & U15 Girls Development Groups.  This is a great opportunity for women and girls to get involved in an exciting level of representative rugby that opens the door for future opportunities to play at Midlands level and beyond.

The women’s programme runs in the Spring, with matches being held in April and May.


NLD U15 Girls


NLD Women & Girls Committee

The NLD Women & Girls Committee manage all aspects of the female game. They meet 3 – 4 times each year and focus on developing the game in all areas.  If you would like to get involved in the development of W&G Rugby within NLD, please contact Neil Clack.


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W&G’s Playing Calendar 2021-22 draft 1 1.6.21

W&G’s meeting calendar 2021-22 draft

W&G’s Coaching Structure 2021

Proposed Committee Structure 2021-23

Note from the W&G Chair……

The RFU Cup Comp dates and the CB U15/18 dates are confirmed and cannot be amended or added to. I am still waiting for information on the Women’s Leagues and CB calendar dates as they have yet to be finalise by the RFU. The calendar will be updated as and when the information is sent out from the RFU.

PUP dates are proposed only. I need a facilitator for each age group, (U13/15 and 18), to coordinate these events throughout the season. This is an admin role so please look to your parents to see if they want to get involved. They will have to be RFU DBS checked and will sit on the W&G’s committee.

I am looking for a club to host the Girls 10’s Festival in September. Ideally need 4 senior pitches. As a fund raiser, for the W&G’s/host club, we have always charged a nominal parking fee slit 50/50 with the club.

I am also looking for clubs to host the Girls U15’s and U18’s CB programmes. This season the RFU have split the 2 age grade groups with different calendar dates. Clubs can volunteer to host one or both programmes which will consist of:

1 x afternoon trials

1 x Sunday afternoon training session

1 x “Home” event. Currently I am not sure what this will look like. May be a triangular/festival/match; who knows. The host club can run a fund raising activity on the day but we will not charge parking. Food will also need to be provided for all teams and officials.

I will be looking for a club to host the NLD Women’s squad 2021-22. At present I am unsure of the format or dates for trials etc as no information has yet been released by the RFU. This has historically been 2 x trials and some training sessions on a Tuesday evening, (could [possibly be moved), and max 2 x “Home” matches.

I am looking for people to join the W&G’s Committee to take on specific roles. I have attached a graphic of how I would like to structure the W&G Committee for 2021-23. If you would like to get involved or know of a parent with specific skills who would be willing to volunteer their time please get in touch. Again all positions will be subject to the NLD Volunteer Application process and will be subject to an enhanced RFU DBS check.

I am also looking for Coaches and Managers for the U15/U18 and Women’s squads. Some positions are already filled due to existing tenure/continuity. Coaches will need to be L2 qualified as a minimum with an understanding of the female game. Age grade squad Managers for U15/U18 are also required. These are admin roles. Good communication and IT skills are needed. You will not be part of any selection process unless invited by the Head Coach.

Festivals/PUP’s CB programmes are run by volunteers. If we don’t have sufficient people we will be unable to run certain programmes with our main focus then being the RFU/CB programmes for Age Grade and Women’s rugby. I have posted an outline “job description” for each role to give you an idea of what is involved.

Can you also add the following to the W&G’s web page:

Centre of Excellence Selection 2021-22

This season has been unprecedented in the way external events have impacted the rugby calendar. There has been very little competitive rugby at club level and the CB programme has not taken place at all; all of which leaves the CB and the RFU with a problem of selection for the U18 Girls wishing to go into the Centre of Excellence programme. The RFU has asked for the usual list of nominated players for the 2021-22 season which has left us with a major headache. I have asked you all to consider your players who would be eligible for the 2021-22 CofE programme so that we can compile a list to send to the CofE selectors; 7 clubs have responded to date. So far I have had nominations from Mansfield, Newark, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Chesterfield, Boston and Lincoln. If you wish to add a player/s to the list, (not published to date), I will be happy to add them but only until Friday 11.6.21

Any questions drop me an email/text first. Happy to answer any questions.


Neil C

NLD W&G’s Chair



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