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Disciplinary Team Update – March 24
24th February 2024

Disciplinary Team Update – March 24

The Disciplinary team have submitted the following update…

Internal Disciplinary Processes

As previously noted,  we’re now seeing it taking longer for Clubs to progress their internal disciplinary processes and then send on to the NLD Disciplinary Secretary than the actual resultant sanction.

Combined with the fact that no one issued a red card can play until the NLD process is completed this does prompt the question if those Clubs are player rich contrary to the consensus of most Clubs within the RFU.  Please progress internal processes promptly and get players back on the pitch.

Can I remind all Clubs that the maximum mitigation permissible during the disciplinary process is 50% so if you indicate to someone called before you that you’ll giving them greater than that they could be sorely disappointed when it comes before the NLD Panel.

Match Official Abuse

As noted by the RFU at Christmas, Match Official Abuse is rising to the top of the list for referrals to disciplinary panels. In the NLD it is around 33% of all referrals. All instances will now receive an aggravated sanction.

NLD, like most CBs, are short of Match Officials so please keep this in focus at your clubs and regularly remind your players, coaches and spectators as this has serious long-term implications for the future of our game.

Please note that Clubs are responsible for the behaviour of all attendees (from their Club) at a fixture and must co-operate with the work of the NLD Disciplinary process in providing details of those who may have been cited for abuse of Match Officials.  If a club is unwilling to do this it will ultimately result in a Club sanction which can have both financial and points implications.

Contact for support and guidance is via the Disciplinary Secretary, Andy Statham at [email protected]