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Youth Representatives at clubs, schools and colleges.
16th December 2023

Youth Representatives at clubs, schools and colleges.

The NLD RFU Youth Council is looking for clubs to nominate x2 young people (aged 16 to 23) to be part of our new NLD Forum for Club Youth Councillors.

What we’re looking for:

One or two young people aged 16 to 23 (player, official or volunteer) to speak to us about what they and other young people think about their rugby environment and the transition from youth to adult rugby. We would recommend representatives should have the ability to find the views of young people from different backgrounds, race, and gender identity and all areas of the organisation up to the age of 23.


As a Constituent Body (CB), the NLDRFU has been focusing on Recruitment and Retention of players, with the help of our Youth Council. We want to find out how we can help clubs to grow and solidify their future. We believe we can best understand the relevant issues by seeking the opinion of the players and young match officials. The future growth of rugby throughout Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire is dependent on us all meeting the needs of this population.


What would they do?

Every 3 months, the NLD Youth Councillors would like to meet with the Young Club Representatives to find out what’s happening at their clubs, schools, and colleges. We’d like them to have an idea of whether their organisations are gaining or losing youth players, and if they have heard why. Other questions we’re interested in the asking people at their club include:

  • What do they want to see more of?
  • What didn’t they like about a game?
  • How can we help them enjoy the rugby they’re playing?
  • Is there anything clubs have done that they enjoy off the pitch?

We will agree actions at the Forums and report information on the NLD Youth Council webpage. Club-specific information will not be shared beyond the Forum without permission from relevant club officials. Forums will be supported by the NLD Age Grade Team and RFU officers.

Sign up here for the first NLD Forum for Club Youth Councillors

This first meeting will be held at a central location, to be confirmed shortly, on Monday 29th January (7.00pm to 8.30pm). The following two meetings will be held online.

We will collate the information gathered and present it to the NLD Conference on Sunday 18th February.

How does it help the club, school or college?

The role of the CB and the NLD Youth Council is to help clubs and nurture rugby at schools and colleges. Through our current Recruitment & Retention campaign, we are looking at ways of helping clubs bring in players of all ages to ensure rugby is played and can continue to be played. Involving the youth age groups in the management of rugby clubs in a small way, such as this initiative, can really help clubs grow. The project can also help the young people feel more integrated into the wider club. This one-club mentality helps solidify pathways into senior rugby, as well as strengthening women’s and girls’ sides. We would also encourage clubs to involve these Youth Representatives in their decision making and meetings, so you too can see the benefits of contribution from all involved in your club.

Contact us: For more information or guidance, email: [email protected] 

You can also contact us via Instagram on: nld_youth_council

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