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RugbySafe Team Updates – December 2023
3rd December 2023

RugbySafe Team Updates – December 2023

The RugbySafe Team have provided the following updates for December 2023…

RugbySafe Meeting Report - November 22, 2023

NLD RugbySafe Leads have provided a summary of the meeting here.

More information is available on the RugbySafe page of this site

RugbySafe WhatsApp and Teams Groups

Two RugbySafe-related WhatsApp Groups have been set up for Club RugbySafe Leads.

Joining our NLD RugbySafe groups will provide opportunities to connect with other Clubs’ RugbySafe Leads who share similar interests and concerns. Networking within the RS community can lead to valuable collaborations and the exchange of ideas to enhance safety practices.

Club RugbySafe Leads should the links below to join the groups:

  1. NLD RugbySafe Lead Sharing Network – NLD RSL Sharing Network
  2. NLD RugbySafe Questions & Enquiries – NLD RS Questions and Enquiries
    [Questions and enquires can still be sent privately and directly to the NLD RugbySafe Leads by email at [email protected]]

Furthermore, Club RugbySafe Leads can access material on the NLD RugbySafe Teams site.

Being part of our groups will grant access to resources such as research findings, best practices, and guidelines related to player safety. Staying informed on the latest developments in sports safety can be crucial for individuals involved in rugby.

Here is the link and code to the NLD RugbySafe Team:


First Aid Vouchers

Extensive material has been sent to Club RugbySafe Leads, Chairs and Secretaries regarding the process and requirements to apply for First Aid Vouchers.

When applying, please consider the following pre-requisites for allocation:

  • A named Rugby Safe Lead on your GMS page
  • A completed First Aid risk assessment from Howdens for the 23/24 playing season
  • Your GMS Player Welfare page populated and current


Club RugbySafe Leads are reminded to encourage coaches and players to complete the Headcase e-learning and have them get up to speed with the Graduated Return to Activity & Sport pathway

Please contact NLD RugbySafe Leads Kristina Magnus and Chris Earl at [email protected]

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