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Disciplinary Team Updates – Sept 2023
3rd September 2023

Disciplinary Team Updates – Sept 2023

The Disciplinary Team have provided the following updates for September 2023…

With Match Official Abuse being one of the most significant reasons for individuals and Clubs appearing before the Disciplinary Panel during the last season it has been agreed to increase the additional sanction for this from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to discourage such incidences; this is added after all the other sanction calculations have been made.

We are mindful that we could potentially see more referrals, red cards, with the implementation of the Tackle Height Domestic Law Variation however training of ourselves, and referees, has been occurring during the off season just as you have been receiving input from your coaches so we hope that this can be introduced smoothly and consistently across our CB.

A schedule has been put together to provide the opportunity of a monthly face to face Disciplinary Panel promptly if required however if guilt is admitted and the level of offence is not serious then the opportunity of conducting the hearing on papers or using video conferencing may be available. This is in recognition of the demographic spread of our Clubs and be mindful of trying to reduce unnecessary travel wherever possible.

The Panel has been expanding its membership to widen the engagement of the NLD’s rugby community so we welcome to Arlene Moxon and Craig Lord to our number.

The deliberation of and judgments of Panel meetings, whether in person or by other means, are published on the NLD website at if you require to better understanding discipline within the NLD.

Members of the panel will be attending the upcoming National Conference to ensure that the NLD’s approach and implementation are in line with and consistent with the RFU’s and World Rugby’s requirements.

If you have any questions regarding Discipline please email [email protected]

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