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3rd August 2023

2023-24 Club Safeguarding Audit

The 2023-24 Club Safeguarding Audit for clubs who offer Age Grade activities, or wish to have 17-year olds playing up into the adult game, is now open…

What is the Club Safeguarding Self Audit?

The Safeguarding Audit is an annual, mandatory requirement for all clubs who offer Age Grade activities, or who wish to have 17-year olds playing up into the adult game (Reg 21.1.6).

To enable easier monitoring of compliance in the Age Grade Game, the audit has initially been opened only for clubs which GMS recognises as offering Age Grade activity.

If your club no longer offers Age Grade activities, please let us know and archive your teams  to try and make sure that we don’t bombard you with emails as the deadline approaches.

Adult only clubs are not required to complete the Safeguarding Audit unless they wish to have 17 year olds playing up into the adult game.

The audit consists of 16 questions and can be completed by the Club Safeguarding Officer or another officer with permission level 2 or above access to the GMS Organisation Profile module.  

What is the deadline for completion?

The Safeguarding Audit will be closed on the 29 October 2023.  Clubs who later wish to complete the audit to enable 17 year olds to play up into the adult game will continue to be able to request that the audit is opened to them after this time.

How does my club complete it?

It is located in the Questionnaire tab within the ‘Organisation Profile’ module.  You can save the content and return before you wish to finalise your submission but please don’t forget to tick the safeguarding declaration at the end and press submit when you are ready!

 Please answer questions honestly, with your answers reflecting current practice at your club.  The Audit can be used to assist clubs in recognising areas for development.

A step by step guide is available.

For more information, please contact Jim MacDonald at [email protected]