RFU Professional Staff

NLD are extremely lucky to have a team of excellent RFU Professional Staff working within the area.  The diagram below shows the relationship between the roles and their core purpose.





Contact details and a brief description of their roles are detailed below.  If you require any help then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

Area Manager (AM)

Alan Royer is the Rugby Development Manager for Area 4 so he works closely with NLD along with a number of other CB’s.  Working with the team of RFU Professional Staff his role is to oversee and manage all areas of rugby within the area.

Alan Royer  [email protected] / 07764 336706

Area Training Manager (ATM)

Darren Gourley is the Area Training Manager for Area 4.  He works very closely with the CB Coaching Committee and NLD RFU Referees Society, alongside the Area Training Officer, to develop a programme of events throughout the Area.

Darren Gourley – [email protected] / 07912 541852

Rugby Development Officer’s (RDO’s)

RDO’s are generally the first port of call for clubs; there are three working within NLD, one in each County.  They are responsible for the provision of high quality local development support to the clubs within their area and work to strengthen the capacity, membership and performance of these clubs.

Nottinghamshire – Scott Johnson  [email protected] / 07715 856726

Lincolnshire – Gareth Short  [email protected] / 07725 601062

Derbyshire – Luke Green [email protected] / 07921 283343

Community Rugby Coaches (CRC’s)

Working underneath the Rugby Development Officers the CRC’s work closely within clubs and schools to target growth playing areas and help improve levels of coaching.

Adam Corcoran  [email protected] / 07850 982061
Calvin Beech  [email protected] / 07817 645178

Nathan Smith  [email protected] / 07921 283223
David Cotton-Betteridge  [email protected] / 07710 379657

Sean Wright  [email protected] / 07786 663549
Gary Rudkin  [email protected] / 07718 706573

Area Facilities Manager

Pete Shaw is the Area Facilities Manager for Area 4 which includes NLD.  He works with Clubs within the CB to ensure clubs can offer high quality and well maintained facilities.   Pete works closely with the NLD Facilities Group.

Pete Shaw  [email protected] / 07734 070674

Women’s Rugby Development Officer (WRDO)

Simon Boyd is the RFU’s Women’s Rugby Development Officer for Area 4 which includes NLD.  He works with other members of the professional staff to develop specific women’s teams and programmes. His focus is on helping to strengthen the capacity, membership and performance of these women and girls teams within clubs.

Simon Boyd  [email protected] / 07809 199941

Player Development Officer (PDO)

This role is currently unoccupied within NLD.  If you have a query regarding any of the areas below please contact either another member of Professional Staff or Nicole Brown.

The role includes:

  1. Supporting field based staff to ‘Hold on’ to 16 to 24 year olds
  2. Overseeing the delivery of the Developing Player Programme.
  3. Supporting clubs and schools to engage in the process of provide high quality, ‘child centred’ playing experiences by adopting the ‘Kids First’ principles and philosophy

University Rugby Development Officer (URDO)

Richard Marelli holds the role of the Area 4 Universities Development Officer.  He works with universities to ensure a wide supply of playing opportunities and support them in engaging students.

Richard Marelli  [email protected] / 07702 779593

Match Official Development Officer (MODO)

John Widdowson is the Match Official Development Officer for Area 4.

John Widdowson  [email protected] / 07715 856868