County Schools Union (CSU)

The NLD CSU was formed in April 2019.

The committee is currently chaired by Nick Cairns, with James Hamilton joining him as the NLD CSU National Representative and Mikey Allen as the NLD Youth Council Representative.

The main purpose of the County Schools Union is to represent the interests of all the schools in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, and encourage the further development of schools’ rugby as well as the recruitment of new member schools.

Information on fixtures and results can be found on the NLD CSU website



Membership is required by any school that wishes to compete in any competitions either run by the local county schools union and/or any national competition run by the English Rugby Football Schools Union. You pay one membership for the year and it gives you access to the following benefits;

  • Comprehensive insurance for players, teachers and schools
  • Allows you to enter into the variety of competitions from U11-U18 level
  • International ticket allocation for your school
  • The regular Touchline magazine
  • Teacher training and coach education programmes

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