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NLD Announce Senior XV Coaching Team

April 9th, 2014 by

NLD are pleased to announce the appointment of the NLD Senior XV Coaching team for the 2013-14 & 2014-15 Seasons.

Head Coach Bob Nashed
Backs Coach Mark Hobson
Forwards Coach Rhuari Pike

RFU Level 3 Coach Bob Nashed takes on the role as the Head Coach of the side who will begin their 2014 Campaign over the coming weeks. Having previously been Head Coach for Club and University sides within NLD Bob also has considerable representative coaching experience having spent 7 seasons in the coaching set up for the NLD U18,19 & 20 sides as well as 5 seasons as a Midlands U20’s Coach.

Mark Hobson takes on the role of Backs Coach to the squad. Having completed his RFU Level 3 qualification in 2010 Mark is keen to progress up the coaching ladder. He is a keen supporter of representative rugby having himself represented Nottinghamshire from U23 level up to Vets.

Rhuari Pike completes the coaching team, returning to take up his position as Forwards Coach. A role he has enjoyed since first being appointed at the start of the 2011-12, he has been reappointed for a further two seasons.

Stephen Fowkes continues in his role as Senior XV Manager and will be able to assist with any queries relating to the squad –[email protected]

NLD are extremely lucky to have such an experienced and enthusiastic coaching and management team in place and we look forward to the start of the NLD Senior XV Programme which will commence in April.


June 20th, 2014 by

Dinnington RFC are hosting a Ladies Tag Tournament on Saturday 5th July 2014.  Registration is at 10am with the first matches kicking off at 11am, multiple team entries are permitted and the entry fee is £10 per team.

For more information please contact Chris Ross – [email protected] or download the entry form below.

Dinnington Entry Form

The RFU’s new Concussion Management Standards

June 20th, 2014 by

THE RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION is putting in place new standards relating to the management of concussion and extending the reach of its concussion education initiatives.The return to play pathway for players who have sustained a concussion is dependent on the player’s age and the medical resources that they can access.

The new routine minimum stand-down period is 19 days for adults and 23 days for Under 19s.

The minimum stand-down period for those in an Enhanced Care Setting – typically professional and elite age-group players – is six days for adults and 12 days for Under 17-19s. These are players whose return to play pathway is closely supervised by an appropriately trained and suitably experienced medical practitioner.

New education measures include a mandatory player safety course for RFU Licensed Coaches and additional promotional materials that add to acclaimed existing resources.

The standards, which come into effect immediately, have been put in place following revised guidelines from the International Rugby Board.

The IRB acknowledge the diversity in health care support available in different countries and at different levels, and permit member Unions to adapt their guidelines to suit their local circumstances.

The RFU has consulted with the game and independent medical experts to create simplified and standardised return to play pathways that cover players of all ages and at all levels. These stand-down periods are to be seen as the minimum periods before a player can return to play and may be longer where appropriate.

The return to play pathway is made up of rest and Graduated Return To Play (GRTP) phases. Taken together they form the minimum stand-down period.  The length of these phases for an individual is determined by the player’s recovery and informed by clinical assessment.


The revised RFU guidelines simplify and standardise the return to play pathway and timelines for all players, especially those under the age of 19 which is consistent with the advice to manage children and adolescent players more conservatively.

The measures have been approved by the Professional Game Board and the Community Game Board, the two bodies that manage the game in England.

Dr Mike England, the RFU Community Rugby Medical Director, said: “We hope everyone involved in the game – parents, players, coaches and medics – take the rationale for the changes on board and find it helpful in managing concussion in conjunction with the online HEADCASE resources the RFU provides and the guidance we’ve made widely available to the game through coaching, refereeing and medical education.

“Expert advice is that concussion should be managed on an individual basis. There is a need however for more clarity and guidance to reinforce the message that players need time to recover fully before returning to play and that young players in particular need to be managed more conservatively than adults. What hasn’t changed is that being able to return to play is still a clinical decision based on an individual player’s recovery.”

Dr Simon Kemp, the RFU Chief Medical Officer, said: “The revised guidelines are consistent with the IRB guidelines and the Zurich Consensus statement and will bring greater consistency to the management of all players but especially the concussed player over 16 who is part of the performance pathway. They recognise that not all players can presently access the same level of concussion care but will act as a driver for the development of Enhanced Care Settings in clubs, universities and schools.”

Concussion and player safety information is already built into the RFU’s coach, referee and medical education programmes as part of the “Don’t be a Headcase” programme, while the HEADCASE online resource developed with the Headway charity has been praised as the leading resource in sport in the UK.

This has been supported with collateral including 200,000 awareness cards  distributed to the game, whistle lanyards for referees, beanies for players and coaches, and most recently by new changing room billboards.

Other education measures include:

  • RFU Licensed coaches (9,500) to take a Player Safety Course as part of licensing and re-licensing process
  • Player Safety Course offered to all registered coaches (about 15,000) and upgraded face-to-face concussion education added to mandatory Rugby Ready coaching foundation course (6-8,000 annually)
  • Concussion education delivered by RFU and others as part of community programmes
  • Delivery at regional coaching seminars for schools this summer

The quality of the RFU’s resources have been endorsed by Dr Richard Greenwood, a Consultant Neurologist at Homerton Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Dr Greenwood said: “Having reviewed the RFU’s HEADCASE resource as an independent expert, I think that it is an excellent source of information for those involved with rugby. It is an accurate, thorough and appropriate source of information, based on the most up to date medical consensus. The RFU should be applauded for making this available in such an accessible format.”

For more information please see the link below to the RFU’s ‘Headcase’ webpage.



June 20th, 2014 by

NLD have joined forces with Original Giving to offer clubs within the CB the opportunity to save up to 70% on amazing offers.

All clubs now have the opportunity to take advantage of a range of leisure and entertainment offers on the OriginalGiving website.   The offers on their site are heavily discounted meaning you can save up to 70% on some brilliant experiences. However, the most exciting part of our partnership is that OriginalGiving will donate up to 25% of the purchase price back to your club.

In order to take advantage of the offers available the process is very simple and outlined clearly on the below ‘How To’ Guide.

How to join NLD & Original Giving

Visit the NLD ‘landing’ page below to find out more about the offers available and register your team today.


June 20th, 2014 by

30 players from this year’s NLD Under 18s squad attended a Strength and Conditioning workshop at OutKlass Fitness, East Drayton on Sunday 11th May. The day was planned in military style with one group working in the gym from 1000-1200, all of the players and parents attending a nutrition seminar from 1200-1300 and the remaining players working in the gym from 1300-1500.

The NLD coaches made the decision to source some S&C advice for several reasons:

  • The current squad contains a lot of players in the U17 bracket and they will be giving away a year in the competitive matches.
  • The players in the squad had indicated a need for some additional work but didn’t have the expertise available to them.
  • This year’s squad contains 36 players and in some positions there is no separating players in terms of skills – the coaches hope that with some fitness advice given players will now work hard over the summer and selecting a squad to play in September will become easier!
  • If physical gains can be made then it is hoped that NLD players will get more recognition from the Midlands selectors in the graded matches. A perfect example of this is shoulder strength amongst the forwards and it’s now hoped that the lineout for example will become more explosive showcasing our players ability.

The focus of the sessions in the gym was movement and the players were shown a wide variety of activating stretches to assist lifting techniques, reduce injuries and make the body stronger on the posterior and anterior axis. It also destroyed the uneducated myth that you have to lift heavy weights to become strong as all of the exercises demonstrated saw the lads lift their own body weight or a barbell weighing no more than 20kg. This was vital in the education process as players can now replicate these movements throughout the summer without having to join expensive gyms.

Luke Staton of OutKlass commented “it was fantastic to see young lads hungry to learn and we were very impressed by their work rate, professionalism and desire to better themselves. We were asked some great questions by nearly every player who came to the gym and the parents were equally responsive in the nutrition session.”

Every player who attended the workshop will receive a full programme from OutKlass with pictures showing the techniques they practiced and suggested session plans to link the lifts and sessions together.

This was the first time that NLD 18s have been involved in a workshop on strength and conditioning and the coaches are keen to stress that this was to address a particular need from the current squad. It is hoped that the experience will be replicated in future years but aspiring NLD players are reminded that your own strength and conditioning work should be done where possible and at trial stages the coaches will be looking at your skill sets and game understanding rather than how strong you are!

Nathan Smith
NLD 17/18 Head Coach



June 20th, 2014 by

Please see below the official update from the RFU regarding Goggles.


As you may be aware, the RFU and Constituent Bodies have received a number of complaints over the last season relating to the prohibition on sports goggles in all contact rugby at all ages.  Discussions and considerable efforts have therefore been taking place internally for some time and the RFU has been liaising closely with the Association of British Dispensing Opticians to develop a practical solution to provide a wider degree of flexibility to enable great social inclusion in Rugby Union.

The RFU has therefore decided to introduce in England a trial that would enable the wearing of certain sport goggles (dispensed under professional supervision) by players playing contact rugby at the Under 13 age grade and below.  This trial is a variation of the RFU’s current regulations which prohibits all types of goggles to be worn in contact rugby.

Whilst for the most part the trial will not take full hold until next season, the RFU recognises that some players may be in a position to adhere to the conditions of the trial in this current season.  If this is the case, the RFU sees no reason why such players should be prevented from participating in the trial this season, provided all of the trial conditions are satisfied.

To this end, the trial will commence with immediate effect and will last until the end of the 2014-15 Season, whereupon the position will be reviewed further.

Conditions of the trial

The trial will permit players playing contact rugby at the Under 13 age grade and below to wear specially designed and manufactured sports goggles subject to the following conditions (all of which must be met):

(a) The sports goggles must be dispensed by a registered dispensing optician who is a member of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians* (“ABDO”); and

(b)The player must have written confirmation from the ABDO dispensing optician that the sports goggles:

  1. Are required to correct the vision of the player or are required to protect the player’s eyes due to a medical condition, to enable the playing of Rugby Union; and
  2. Do not substantially restrict any normal field of vision and are suitable for use in evasion contact sports; and
  3. Do not constitute a physical danger to the player or other players; and

(c) The match referee is entitled to object to the player wearing the sports goggles if the referee reasonably believes that they are unsafe; and

(d)Clubs must notify the RFU Legal Officer of all players participating in the trial by emailing [email protected]; and

(e) Clubs must report any injuries caused as a result of the sports goggles to the RFU Community Medical Team by emailing [email protected] and the player’s parents must report the injury to the ABDO dispensing optician who prescribed the goggles.

*If an optician is registered with the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, the optician will be listed on the General Optical Council’s list of registered members which is available at  Please check the list by inserting the name of the individual optician or opticians practice.

Onward communication

In light of the number of upcoming festivals (including CB festivals), we wanted to inform Constituent Bodies, the ERSFU and the Referee’s Union as soon as a decision was made and in advance of the rest of the Game so that you have the opportunity to raise any queries directly with us if you so choose.

In due course, we will be notifying clubs of the implementation of the trial but should you wish to inform your clubs directly in the meantime, the RFU would have no objections to that.


Should you have any queries or require further clarification and guidance in relation to the proposed trial, please contact Alys Lewis on [email protected].



June 20th, 2014 by




Notts Competitions Rules 2013-14.pdf

Notts Cup Competitons 2013-14.pdf


NLD U18 Squad Announced for 2014-15 Season

June 20th, 2014 by

Following this year’s U17 Development Squad programme and the recent round of U17 matches, the Management Team are pleased to invite the following players to form the NLD U18 Squad for the Midlands County Championships later this year.

Ben Addlesee Kesteven The Priory Ruskin Academy
Joshua Allen Kesteven Stamford School
Edward Bloodworth Kesteven Kings School Grantham
Jake Bowden Lincoln
Sam Butler Stamford Stamford School
Pierre Byworth Corsairs Friesland School
Max Caplin Hullionians HKRFC College
Edward Cole Kesteven Kings School Grantham
George Cox Stamford Stamford School
Sam Cranswick Lincoln QEHS – Gainsborough
Tom Crosby Newark Worksop College
Oliver Davidson Corsairs Stamford School
Charlie Dunbar Stamford School
Greg Fieldhouse Corsairs
Philip Fletcher Kesteven Kings Grammar Grantham
Harry Graham Southwell Worksop College
Elliot Henry West Bridgford Rushcliffe School
Max Hodson Ilkeston
Matthew Hopkins Matlock Lady Manners
Joshua Hubbard Newark King’s School Grantham
Robson King Ilkeston
Nat Lunt Bakewell Lady Manners
Henry Mawhood Corsairs Loughborough Grammar
Joseph McMenamin Corsairs Worksop College
Tom Mycroft Derby
Liam Jon Payne Oakham School
Daniel Salt NRFC Academy
Ashley Sawyer Sleaford St Georges
Anthony Symcox Mansfield
Callum Slack Newark King’s School Grantham
Connor Slack Newark King’s School Grantham
Jordan Slack Newark King’s School Grantham
Harry Stephenson Melbourne St. Mary’s RC, Chesterfield
Ben Usher Newark The Priory Ruskin Academy
Tom Winning Paviors Worksop College

The following players, who have not been available due to personal circumstances and/or injury, are also included, pending availability for the Midlands Championship programme:

Tom Horner Worksop College
Lewis Lishman Paviors Dukeries Academy
Charlie Pirie Kesteven Stamford School

All players have been emailed and are encouraged to address their actions with immediate effect.

Any enquiries to Nicole Brown at the NLD Office 01636 640800 / [email protected] or

Head Coach Nathan Smith 07834 156892 / [email protected]

Annual Wharton Trust Golf Day – Entries Open

June 20th, 2014 by

The Sir Anthony Wharton Trust will be holding their annual Golf Day on Friday 5th September 2014 at Chesterfield Golf Club.  The Trust offers huge support to junior rugby within NLD and so far this event has raised over £55 000 towards this support.

For more information and details on how to enter please see the attached flyer.

Wharton Trust Golf Day 2014

The event are also looking for sponsors for the event – if you may be interested then see the attached information or contact Brian Inglis on 07793 198948.

For more information on the Sir Anthony Wharton Trust then please visit the links below.

NLD Sir Anthony Wharton Trust Page

The Trust offers huge support to clubs throughout NLD so if you can help support them please do get involved

NLD Worksop Residential Camps 2014

June 20th, 2014 by

There are still some places available on the 2014 NLD Worksop Residential Camps!  The camps, which are now in their 19th year of running, have been hugely successful over the years and focus on all round player development, unit skills and team skills. Players will learn the latest techniques and skills from the very cutting edge of the game, along with promoting the ‘Core Values’ of the game we love – Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsmanship.  The camp has seen some exciting young talent in the past with Premiership Players Joe Gray (Harlequins), Alex Lewington (London Irish) and Charlie Davies (Wasps) all having attended.

The camp costs just £99,  this includes accommodation, coaching, all cooked meals, course t shirt, drinks bottle and ball!!

U13     Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th July
U14     Wednesday 30th & Thursday 31st July
U15     Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th August
U16     Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th August

Applications should be returned to:

Nicole Brown
24 Cartergate
NG24 1UB

Places are limited and on a first come first served basis so make sure you get yours in early so you don’t miss out!

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the NLD Office – [email protected] / 01636 640800.