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Please see below the official update from the RFU regarding Goggles.


As you may be aware, the RFU and Constituent Bodies have received a number of complaints over the last season relating to the prohibition on sports goggles in all contact rugby at all ages.  Discussions and considerable efforts have therefore been taking place internally for some time and the RFU has been liaising closely with the Association of British Dispensing Opticians to develop a practical solution to provide a wider degree of flexibility to enable great social inclusion in Rugby Union.

The RFU has therefore decided to introduce in England a trial that would enable the wearing of certain sport goggles (dispensed under professional supervision) by players playing contact rugby at the Under 13 age grade and below.  This trial is a variation of the RFU’s current regulations which prohibits all types of goggles to be worn in contact rugby.

Whilst for the most part the trial will not take full hold until next season, the RFU recognises that some players may be in a position to adhere to the conditions of the trial in this current season.  If this is the case, the RFU sees no reason why such players should be prevented from participating in the trial this season, provided all of the trial conditions are satisfied.

To this end, the trial will commence with immediate effect and will last until the end of the 2014-15 Season, whereupon the position will be reviewed further.

Conditions of the trial

The trial will permit players playing contact rugby at the Under 13 age grade and below to wear specially designed and manufactured sports goggles subject to the following conditions (all of which must be met):

(a) The sports goggles must be dispensed by a registered dispensing optician who is a member of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians* (“ABDO”); and

(b)The player must have written confirmation from the ABDO dispensing optician that the sports goggles:

  1. Are required to correct the vision of the player or are required to protect the player’s eyes due to a medical condition, to enable the playing of Rugby Union; and
  2. Do not substantially restrict any normal field of vision and are suitable for use in evasion contact sports; and
  3. Do not constitute a physical danger to the player or other players; and

(c) The match referee is entitled to object to the player wearing the sports goggles if the referee reasonably believes that they are unsafe; and

(d)Clubs must notify the RFU Legal Officer of all players participating in the trial by emailing [email protected]; and

(e) Clubs must report any injuries caused as a result of the sports goggles to the RFU Community Medical Team by emailing [email protected] and the player’s parents must report the injury to the ABDO dispensing optician who prescribed the goggles.

*If an optician is registered with the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, the optician will be listed on the General Optical Council’s list of registered members which is available at  Please check the list by inserting the name of the individual optician or opticians practice.

Onward communication

In light of the number of upcoming festivals (including CB festivals), we wanted to inform Constituent Bodies, the ERSFU and the Referee’s Union as soon as a decision was made and in advance of the rest of the Game so that you have the opportunity to raise any queries directly with us if you so choose.

In due course, we will be notifying clubs of the implementation of the trial but should you wish to inform your clubs directly in the meantime, the RFU would have no objections to that.


Should you have any queries or require further clarification and guidance in relation to the proposed trial, please contact Alys Lewis on [email protected].



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Notts Competitions Rules 2013-14.pdf

Notts Cup Competitons 2013-14.pdf


NLD U18 Squad Announced for 2014-15 Season

June 20th, 2014 by

Following this year’s U17 Development Squad programme and the recent round of U17 matches, the Management Team are pleased to invite the following players to form the NLD U18 Squad for the Midlands County Championships later this year.

Ben Addlesee Kesteven The Priory Ruskin Academy
Joshua Allen Kesteven Stamford School
Edward Bloodworth Kesteven Kings School Grantham
Jake Bowden Lincoln
Sam Butler Stamford Stamford School
Pierre Byworth Corsairs Friesland School
Max Caplin Hullionians HKRFC College
Edward Cole Kesteven Kings School Grantham
George Cox Stamford Stamford School
Sam Cranswick Lincoln QEHS – Gainsborough
Tom Crosby Newark Worksop College
Oliver Davidson Corsairs Stamford School
Charlie Dunbar Stamford School
Greg Fieldhouse Corsairs
Philip Fletcher Kesteven Kings Grammar Grantham
Harry Graham Southwell Worksop College
Elliot Henry West Bridgford Rushcliffe School
Max Hodson Ilkeston
Matthew Hopkins Matlock Lady Manners
Joshua Hubbard Newark King’s School Grantham
Robson King Ilkeston
Nat Lunt Bakewell Lady Manners
Henry Mawhood Corsairs Loughborough Grammar
Joseph McMenamin Corsairs Worksop College
Tom Mycroft Derby
Liam Jon Payne Oakham School
Daniel Salt NRFC Academy
Ashley Sawyer Sleaford St Georges
Anthony Symcox Mansfield
Callum Slack Newark King’s School Grantham
Connor Slack Newark King’s School Grantham
Jordan Slack Newark King’s School Grantham
Harry Stephenson Melbourne St. Mary’s RC, Chesterfield
Ben Usher Newark The Priory Ruskin Academy
Tom Winning Paviors Worksop College

The following players, who have not been available due to personal circumstances and/or injury, are also included, pending availability for the Midlands Championship programme:

Tom Horner Worksop College
Lewis Lishman Paviors Dukeries Academy
Charlie Pirie Kesteven Stamford School

All players have been emailed and are encouraged to address their actions with immediate effect.

Any enquiries to Nicole Brown at the NLD Office 01636 640800 / [email protected] or

Head Coach Nathan Smith 07834 156892 / [email protected]

Annual Wharton Trust Golf Day – Entries Open

June 20th, 2014 by

The Sir Anthony Wharton Trust will be holding their annual Golf Day on Friday 5th September 2014 at Chesterfield Golf Club.  The Trust offers huge support to junior rugby within NLD and so far this event has raised over £55 000 towards this support.

For more information and details on how to enter please see the attached flyer.

Wharton Trust Golf Day 2014

The event are also looking for sponsors for the event – if you may be interested then see the attached information or contact Brian Inglis on 07793 198948.

For more information on the Sir Anthony Wharton Trust then please visit the links below.

NLD Sir Anthony Wharton Trust Page

The Trust offers huge support to clubs throughout NLD so if you can help support them please do get involved

NLD Worksop Residential Camps 2014

June 20th, 2014 by

There are still some places available on the 2014 NLD Worksop Residential Camps!  The camps, which are now in their 19th year of running, have been hugely successful over the years and focus on all round player development, unit skills and team skills. Players will learn the latest techniques and skills from the very cutting edge of the game, along with promoting the ‘Core Values’ of the game we love – Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsmanship.  The camp has seen some exciting young talent in the past with Premiership Players Joe Gray (Harlequins), Alex Lewington (London Irish) and Charlie Davies (Wasps) all having attended.

The camp costs just £99,  this includes accommodation, coaching, all cooked meals, course t shirt, drinks bottle and ball!!

U13     Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th July
U14     Wednesday 30th & Thursday 31st July
U15     Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th August
U16     Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th August

Applications should be returned to:

Nicole Brown
24 Cartergate
NG24 1UB

Places are limited and on a first come first served basis so make sure you get yours in early so you don’t miss out!

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the NLD Office – [email protected] / 01636 640800.



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June 20th, 2014 by

Following the successful Trials at both Trent College and Newark RFC, NLD are pleased to announce that this Season Under 17 Squad below.

Congratulations to those players selected, and commiserations to those who didn’t make the squad. Some of you we will hopefully see at next Seasons trials, others we hope you continue to enjoy and develop your Rugby and we hope to see you as part of the NLD U20 Squad in the future.


Addlesee Ben Kesteven The Priory Ruskin Academy
Allen Joshua Kesteven Carre’s Grammar School
Balsom Oliver Boston Boston High School
Bero Elliot Sleaford Carres Grammar
Bloodworth Edward Kesteven Kings School Grantham
Bowden Jake Lincoln
Butler Sam Stamford
Byworth Pierre Corsairs Friesland School
Caldwell Spencer Carres School Sleaford
Caplin Max Hullionians HKRFC College
Cawley Aaron Worksop College
Cole Edward Kesteven Kings School Grantham
Cox George Stamford Stamford School
Cranswick Sam Lincoln QEHS – Gainsborough
Crosby Tom Newark Worksop College
Davies Jacob Corsairs
Davison Oliver Corsairs
Dunbar Charlie Stamford School
Fieldhouse Greg Corsairs
Fletcher Philip Kesteven Kings Grammar Grantham
Freeman George Spalding Kirkstone House
Graham Harry Southwell Worksop College
Gundry Zach Melbourne Trent College
Henry Elliot W Bridgford Rushcliffe School
Hodson Max Ilkeston
Hopkins Matthew Matlock Lady Manners
Horner Tom Worksop College
Hubbard Joshua Newark King’s School Grantham
Kilford Ben Worksop College
King Robson Ilkeston
Lishman Lewis Paviors Dukeries Academy
Lunt Nat Bakewell Lady Manners
Mawhood Henry Corsairs Loughborough Grammar
McMenamin Joseph Corsairs Trent College
Mycroft Tom Derby
Payne Liam Jon Oakham School
Pirie Charlie Kesteven The Priory Ruskin Academy
Salt Daniel NRFC A’demy
Sawyer Ashley Sleaford St Georges
Scigala Ryan Carres School Sleaford
Simpcox Anthony Mansfield
Slack Callum Newark King’s School Grantham
Slack Connor Newark King’s School Grantham
Slack Jordan Newark King’s School Grantham
Stephenson Harry Melbourne St. Mary’s RC, Chesterfield
Usher Ben Newark The Priory Ruskin Academy
Wilson Jamie Derby Chellaston School
Winning Tom Paviors Worksop College

If you have any other queries please contact either Nicole Brown in the NLD Office – 01636 640800 / [email protected] or NLD U17/18 Manager Chris Brookes – 07999 494378 / [email protected].


June 20th, 2014 by

We are now inviting entries for the NLD U13-19 Competitions for the 2014-15 season.  Please see below a copy of the entry form and the updated competition rules.  There have been some changes to the rules so please make sure you read them carefully – by entering the competitions you agree to abide by them!!!

The closing date for entries is Monday 30th June so please ensure all of your entries are returned by this date along with the appropriate payments.  We will then be looking to complete the draw in mid July and this will be circulated to all entered teams as soon as it has been done.

Entries should be returned to Nicole Brown – [email protected].

If you have any queries please contact the NLD Office  on 01636 640800 or [email protected].


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Rugby clubs all over England rely on hard working volunteers to manage the smooth running of their clubs and provide playing opportunities for everyone through from U6 to Vets.  NLD is no different and we are always looking for ways to reduce the onus on club volunteers.

For the past 7 seasons NLD have successfully administered the NLD Player Registration System which has allowed us to manage Mini & Youth Player Registrations throughout the three counties.  However with the introduction of the new RFU Game Management System (GMS) NLD are pleased to announce some exciting changes!

From the 2014-15 season onwards clubs will only be required to register their Mini & Youth Players on the new GMS System and will no longer be required to register their players through the NLD Player Registration System.  This exciting development will mean that club volunteers will only have to register their Mini and Youth players with one system.  This is something that we have been looking to find a solution for over the last couple of years and with the introduction of the new GMS system we have the perfect opportunity!

The RFU Game Management System, which goes live on 1st August, will be replacing the current Rugby First System and will provide a registration base for all Mini & Youth Players.  The new GMS features a number of similar benefits that we have previously enjoyed with the NLD system and is something that promises to be an exciting development for rugby in general.

What Will Change? 

Registering Players

NLD Clubs will be required to register their Mini & Youth Players through the GMS System.  Clubs will have ability to give ‘super user’ access to someone within their organisation and this person will be able to arrange access for individual team managers.

You will still need to complete RFU Registration Forms for the players (which will be collated by individual clubs), this information will then need to uploaded onto the GMS and a photograph added for each player.

Once a player is registered onto the GMS they will remain there until they are transferred or deleted.  However you will still be required to update your players at U10/13/16 by adding an up to date photograph of each player.


Clubs will be able to transfer players through the GMS, you will also need to submit an NLD Transfer Form to the NLD Office.

NLD Competitions

For NLD Competitions we will still be able to monitor registrations for teams.  The NLD U13-19 Competition Rules have been updated to reflect the new GMS so please read them carefully to ensure you understand them fully.


The RFU will be offering dedicated GMS training to clubs at the start of September.  As a CB we are also looking at ways we can support clubs so there will plenty of the advice and assistance available with the change!

We are very excited about the introduction of the new RFU Game Management System and the impact it should have on reducing volunteer workload by only completing one registration system.

The RFU will be contacting clubs with more information on the new GMS over the next couple of weeks so you will hear more about the system then.

In the meantime we hope that you are all enjoying a nice summer ‘break’!!


June 20th, 2014 by

On Sunday 8th June 50 coaches from throughout NLD all attended the NLD Mini Coaching Conference at Samworth Academy in Mansfield.  The event was subsidised by the Sir Anthony Wharton Trust and NLD, the coaches in attendance had access to some excellent presentations, lunch, CPD choices and free equipment that they will be able to take back to use at their clubs.

The morning workshop was delivered by RFU National Coaching Manager Nick Scott who did a presentation on ‘turning the 8 year old player into the 28 year old player’.  Nick focussed on the recently introduced New Rules of Play and coaching within these parameters.

After lunch the coaches split into two groups for the CPD section, choosing between Continuity in Attack and Goal Setting for Children.

The coaches delivering each CPD session were also impressed with the enthusiasm of the coaches throughout the day.

‘There were some very receptive and forward thinking coaches in attendance’’ said RFU Community Rugby Coach Calvin Beech who delivered one of the CPD sessions.

NLD will be looking to host another Coaching Conference next year that will incorporate Junior coaches as well as Mini Coaches, details to follow in due course.