First Aid 4 All

In partnership with the Area 4 Legacy Group, NLD RFU are delighted to announce the brand new ‘First Aid 4 All’ initiative which is being launched for the 2017-18 season.  This £10,000 investment will see EVERY team in NLD having access to a FREE, comprehensive pitch side first aid kit to help to ensure that all of the 14,000 players within NLD have access to the best possible care at all times.

As we are all too aware First Aid is a hugely important part of our game and Player Welfare is at the heart of the RFU’s Core Values.  Over the last couple of seasons NLD have already invested heavily in First Aid & Medical Support in order to ensure there is the best possible care available for players in clubs and those playing in representative squads but this is the next step in order to make sure the playing environment is as safe as possible. 

There will be one first aid kit available for FREE for every team within NLD (based on GMS figures in 2016-17) and clubs will be asked to sign up to a few basic points, outlined below, in order to claim their FREE kits.

  • Assign a Club Medical / First Aid lead on the GMS who will be in charge of distributing & monitoring the First Aid kits in clubs.  This person will be responsible for making sure that the First Aid kits are kept up to date and restocked.
  • The Club Medical / First Aid lead should name a distinct volunteer for each team receiving a First Aid Kit who must either:
  • Hold a suitable first aid qualification or
  • Commit to attending a first aid course within the next 12 months.
  • The Club Medical / First Aid lead will also work with the Club Safeguarding Officer to complete the relevant First Aid areas on the Safeguarding audit on a yearly basis to a deadline to be confirmed (where applicable at clubs with Mini / Junior rugby being played)

NLD will work closely with the local RFU delivery team to ensure that there are appropriate training opportunities throughout the Three Counties for clubs to be able to utilise these First Aid kits correctly.

This is a significant step in removing a key barrier in our sport, supported by the Area 4 Legacy Fund as we look to improve Player Welfare in NLD.

First Aid 4 Sport will also be offering all NLD clubs a discounted rate on refill packs for their clubs.  Visit

How to claim your Club’s FREE First Aid Kits?

Complete the application form on this page.  Once your application has been received and approved then your kits will be send directly to you.