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Age Grade Playing Calendar Pilot for 2019-20

July 10th, 2019 by

Important information from the RFU

In the run-up to the new season, we kick off a renewed drive to get the Age Grade game working more closely as one.  The aim is to provide a quality experience across all clubs, schools, colleges, universities and rep rugby that retains more age grade players and ultimately improves the numbers transitioning into adult rugby.

Developing the Age Grade Playing Calendar is one of the vehicles through which we can join everyone more closely together.  We appreciate the feedback we receive about the Calendar and have been working on the detail of this over recent months with our partners across the Age Grade game.  Much of the feedback focusses on post-Christmas, when many club competitions are in full swing, representative and pathway activity is scheduled, schools competitions are reaching latter stages and the schools sevens season gets underway.

Players playing in multiple environments continue to be under pressure to play and all competition organisers are looking for increased flexibility. In addition, there are many players who only play in one environment be that club, school or college whose participation we should also be maximising.  Based on some of the feedback we want to try and further open up opportunities for this significant group in particular.

As a consequence we will for season 2019-20 be running a Pilot in the second half of the season (from 1st January to 10th May 2020).  This will make the windows in the Age Grade Playing Calendar at U12 to U16 “priority” windows.  Most major competitions are set already in the approved Calendars but for those that are more locally run (usually by clubs or schools/colleges themselves) the pilot means they can be scheduled in either window.  But if a player is in multiple environments (club, school, college, rep rugby) in orange weeks they should prioritise their club and in blue weeks they should prioritise their school/college; and those selected for pathway and rep rugby on those identified calendar dates, should prioritise that.

It is incumbent on all parties to discuss what is best for each individual player and resolve any conflict locally, remembering the long-term aim to retain their participation through to adult rugby and the final choice remains with the player and parent as to their priority.  This is no different from what the calendar requires already and the pilot approach makes the collaborative conversations even more crucial.

Clearly it is common sense to still organise activities in the appropriate weeks to maximise availabilities and avoid conflicts, however this will allow some flexibility and potentially benefit the group mentioned above.  In addition, organisers will need to be aware that if they are scheduling competitions out of window they should communicate this to all entrants well in advance and understand they will not have access to some players who are involved in other environments.

The regulation for CBs to approve all competitions still remains and must be followed as is the case now; it is still advantageous to try to minimise clashes but this pilot will allow flexibility.  There will be even greater expectation for the parties involved in Age Grade Rugby to work together to implement this.  If this proves successful then we could role this out across the whole season in 2020-21, if it causes problems we will have to look at less flexible solutions.

We will update on implementation with county bodies at the summer Age Grade sessions.  Please contact [email protected] if you have any feedback or queries.

Phil Attwell – RFU Education & Age Grade Committee Chair

Nigel Orton – RFU Game Development Committee Chair

Tracy Edmundson – RFU Age Grade Clubs Advisory Group Chair

Keith Gee – England Rugby Football Schools Union Chair

David Elstone – Headmasters’ & Headmistresses’ Conference Sports Committee Chair

Sean Price – Independent Association of Prep Schools Representative

Jim Skinner – Grammar School Heads Association CEO

Scott Brand – Independent Schools Association National Sports Officer

Mark Saltmarsh – RFU Head of Education & Age Grade Rugby

Mike Barnett – RFU Age Grade Rugby Manager


NLD U14-U16 Competition Entries now open

July 5th, 2019 by

Applications are now invited for the NLD U14-U16 competitions for 2019-20 season.

All ages will play the same format this year.

Please read thoroughly and familiarise yourself with the NLD U13 U19 Competition Rules 2019-20, as there have been some changes to these since last year. Dates of each round can be found at the end of the Competition Rules.

The NLD U14-16 Competition Entry Form 2019-20 should be returned to Katherine Wells at the NLD Office:

by email on [email protected]

or by post to:

Katherine Wells


Northgate Business Centre,

38 Northgate,



NG24 1EZ


Closing date for entries is 5pm on Monday 15th July 2019. Entries received after that may not be entered.

NLD COlts Fixtures for 2019-20 Season

July 4th, 2019 by

Round 1

8th September 2019

Nottingham Corsairs         v             Cleethorpes

Mellish                                  v             Nottingham Moderns

Boston                                  v             Kesteven

Lincoln Reds                       v            Ashfield

Newark                                 v             Oundle

Spalding                               v             Grimsby

Lincoln Greens                   v             Sleaford


Round 2

15th September 2019

Nottingham Moderns              v             Nottingham Corsairs

Kesteven                                     v             Cleethorpes

Ashfield                                      v             Mellish

Oundle                                        v             Boston

Grimsby                                     v             Lincoln Reds

Sleaford                                     v             Newark

Lincoln Greens                        v             Spalding


 Round 3

 22nd September 2019

Nottingham Corsairs             v             Kesteven

Nottingham Moderns           v             Ashfield

Cleethorpes                             v             Oundle

Mellish                                     v             Grimsby

Boston                                     v             Sleaford

Lincoln Reds                          v             Lincoln Greens

Newark                                    v             Spalding



Round 4

29th September 2019

Ashfield                           v             Nottingham Corsairs

Oundle                             v             Kesteven

Grimsby                          v             Nottingham Moderns

Sleaford                           v             Cleethorpes

Lincoln Greens              v             Mellish

Spalding                          v             Boston

Newark                            v             Lincoln Reds


Round 5

6th October 2019

Nottingham Corsairs             v             Oundle

Ashfield                                    v             Grimsby

Kesteven                                   v             Sleaford

Nottingham Moderns             v             Lincoln Greens

Cleethorpes                               v             Spalding

Mellish                                       v             Newark

Boston                                        v             Lincoln Reds


Round 6

13th October 2019

Grimsby                                      v            Nottingham Corsairs

Sleaford                                      v             Oundle

Lincoln Greens                         v             Ashfield

Spalding                                     v             Kesteven

Nottingham Moderns              v             Newark

Lincoln Reds                              v             Cleethorpes

Boston                                         v             Mellish



Round 7

27th October 2019

Nottingham Corsairs               v             Sleaford

Grimsby                                      v             Lincoln Greens

Oundle                                        v             Spalding

Newark                                       v             Ashfield

Kesteven                                     v             Lincoln Reds

Nottingham Moderns              v             Boston

Cleethorpes                               v             Mellish


Round 8

3rd November 2019

Lincoln Greens               v             Nottingham Corsairs

Spalding                           v             Sleaford

Newark                             v             Grimsby

Lincoln Reds                    v             Oundle

Boston                               v             Ashfield

Mellish                              v             Kesteven

Cleethorpes                      v             Nottingham Moderns


Round 9

10th November 2019

Nottingham Corsairs            v             Spalding

Lincoln Greens                      v             Newark

Sleaford                                  v             Lincoln Reds

Grimsby                                  v             Boston

Oundle                                    v             Mellish

Ashfield                                   v             Cleethorpes

Kesteven                                  v             Nottingham Moderns



Round 10

24th November 2019

Newark                                    v             Nottingham Corsairs

Lincoln Reds                          v             Spalding

Boston                                     v             Lincoln Greens

Mellish                                     v             Sleaford

Cleethorpes                             v             Grimsby

Nottingham Moderns           v             Oundle

Kesteven                                  v             Ashfield


Round 11

1st December 2019

Nottingham Corsairs            v             Lincoln Reds

Newark                                    v             Boston

Spalding                                  v             Mellish

Lincoln Greens                      v             Cleethorpes

Sleaford                                   v             Nottingham Moderns

Grimsby                                  v             Kesteven

Oundle                                    v             Ashfield


Round 12

8th December 2019

Boston                                      v             Nottingham Corsairs

Mellish                                     v             Lincoln Reds

Cleethorpes                             v             Newark

Nottingham Moderns           v             Spalding

Kesteven                                  v             Lincoln Greens

Ashfield                                   v             Sleaford

Oundle                                    v             Grimsby



Round 13

15th December 2019           

Nottingham Corsairs            v             Mellish

Boston                                     v             Cleethorpes

Lincoln Reds                          v             Nottingham Moderns

Newark                                    v             Kesteven

Spalding                                  v             Ashfield

Lincoln Greens                      v             Oundle

Sleaford                                  v             Grimsby


Round 14

22nd December 2019

Cleethorpes                              v             Nottingham Corsairs

Nottingham Moderns            v             Mellish

Kesteven                                   v             Boston

Ashfield                                    v             Lincoln Reds

Oundle                                      v             Newark

Grimsby                                   v             Spalding

Sleaford                                    v             Lincoln Greens


Round 15

29th December 2019

Nottingham Corsairs            v             Nottingham Moderns

Cleethorpes                            v             Kesteven

Mellish                                    v             Ashfield

Boston                                     v             Oundle

Lincoln Reds                          v             Grimsby

Newark                                    v             Sleaford

Spalding                                  v             Lincoln Greens



Round 16

5th January 2020

Kesteven                       v             Nottingham Corsairs

Ashfield                        v             Nottingham Moderns

Oundle                          v             Cleethorpes

Grimsby                        v             Mellish

Sleaford                         v             Boston

Lincoln Greens            v             Lincoln Reds

Spalding                        v             Newark


Round 17

17th January 2020

Nottingham Corsairs           v             Ashfield

Kesteven                                 v             Oundle

Nottingham Moderns          v             Grimsby

Cleethorpes                            v             Sleaford

Mellish                                    v             Lincoln Greens

Boston                                     v             Spalding

Lincoln Reds                          v             Newark


Round 18

2nd February 2020

Oundle                       v             Nottingham Corsairs

Grimsby                     v             Ashfield

Sleaford                      v             Kesteven

Lincoln Greens         v             Nottingham Moderns

Spalding                     v             Cleethorpes

Newark                       v             Mellish

Lincoln Reds             v             Boston



Round 19

16th February 2020

Nottingham Corsairs               v             Grimsby

Oundle                                        v             Sleaford

Ashfield                                       v             Lincoln Greens

Kesteven                                     v             Spalding

Newark                                        v             Nottingham Moderns

Cleethorpes                                 v             Lincoln Reds

Mellish                                         v             Boston


Round 20

23rd February 2020        

Sleaford                            v             Nottingham Corsairs

Lincoln Greens               v             Grimsby

Spalding                           v             Oundle

Ashfield                            v             Newark

Lincoln Reds                   v             Kesteven

Boston                               v             Nottingham Moderns

Mellish                              v             Cleethorpes


Round 21

1st March 2020

Nottingham Corsairs              v             Lincoln Greens

Sleaford                                     v             Spalding

Grimsby                                     v             Newark

Oundle                                       v             Lincoln Reds

Ashfield                                      v             Boston

Kesteven                                    v             Mellish

Nottingham Moderns             v             Cleethorpes



Round 22

8th March 2020

Spalding                                       v              Nottingham Corsairs

Newark                                         v              Lincoln Greens

Lincoln Reds                               v              Sleaford

Boston                                          v              Grimsby

Mellish                                         v              Oundle

Cleethorpes                                 v              Ashfield

Nottingham Moderns               v              Kesteven


Round 23

22nd March 2020

Nottingham Corsairs            v             Newark

Spalding                                  v             Lincoln Reds

Lincoln Greens                      v             Boston

Sleaford                                   v             Mellish

Grimsby                                   v             Cleethorpes

Oundle                                      v             Nottingham Moderns

Ashfield                                    v             Kesteven


Round 24

5th April 2020

Lincoln Reds                             v             Nottingham Corsairs

Boston                                        v             Newark

Mellish                                       v             Spalding

Cleethorpes                               v             Lincoln Greens

Nottingham Moderns             v             Sleaford

Kesteven                                    v             Grimsby

Ashfield                                     v             Oundle



Round 25

19th April 2020

Nottingham Corsairs               v             Boston

Lincoln Reds                             v             Mellish

Newark                                       v             Cleethorpes

Spalding                                     v             Nottingham Moderns

Lincoln Greens                         v             Kesteven

Sleaford                                      v             Ashfield

Grimsby                                     v             Oundle


Round 26

26th April 2020

Mellish                                       v             Nottingham Corsairs

Cleethorpes                               v             Boston

Nottingham Moderns             v             Lincoln Reds

Kesteven                                    v             Newark

Ashfield                                      v             Spalding

Oundle                                        v             Lincoln Greens

Grimsby                                      v             Sleaford






























NLD Women and Girls Honoured

July 1st, 2019 by

NLD Women’s Honour Cap Presentation 2019


NLD Women’s Senior squad gathered at Nottingham Rugby Club this weekend to be honoured for their contribution to NLD County rugby. Players were awarded a cap and certificate in recognition of their dedication and commitment to NLD W&G’s County squads. This is the first time NLD W&G’s rugby has been able to recognise individual players who give their time to represent their county.

Caps for recognition of County Representation for players transitioning through Junior to Senior County rugby were awarded to:

Alexandra Clack
Holly Felton

Jess Tolson

Lucy Payne

Megan Stephens


Caps for County Representation at Senior level were awarded to:


Alexandra Clinkard

Alicia Jakeman

Amelia Nicholson

Catherine Wynn

Chira Roberts

Grace Stocks

Hannah Dennis

Hannah Newsome

Idil Abdi

Jenny Castle

Jenna Bierton

Kim Boultby

Leanne Reeves

Phoebe Nicholls

Sarah Driver

Sophie Todd

Tanya Bird


Caps were presented by W&G’s Head Coach Dan Edson and W&G’s Chair Neil Clack.

None of this would happen without the hard work and dedication of Dan Edson and his team of coaches Sam Bignall, Carl Whitley, Gareth Pilkington and Jep Chap.

Thank you to Nottingham RFC for hosting us and the NLD board for awarding the Honour Caps.

Also, a big thank you to Sarah Driver, NLD Women’s squad Manager, for organising this event and for her efforts throughout the season in making this years programme a positive and enjoyable experience.


Neil Clack



Coaching Vacancy at Sutton Bonington RFC

June 27th, 2019 by

Sutton Bonington RFC

Men’s XV Coach


Sutton Bonington RFC is made up of students from the University of Nottingham Sutton Bonington Campus (LE12 5RD). As a club largely made up of busy Veterinary Medicine students, we have a core group of around 25 players competing on Saturdays in men’s club leagues. The club has won the NLD Security Plus Pennant League 1 for the last 3 seasons in a row. Therefore the boys will be moving into the top flight of the Leicestershire club leagues, Merit A, for a new challenge in the 2019/2020 season, as well as planning competitive friendly fixtures. Following victory over an XV from the main University last year, ambition continues to grow where we want to push ourselves again next year, as players and as a club, in order to continue to build our reputation.


Further insight into our club can be found on our Student’s Union page ( as well as our new social media:

Facebook: Sutton Bonington Rugby Club @SBrugbyclub    Instagram: SBRFC @suttonboningtonrfc


Our group of young 18-24 year old players, littered with boys that have played a very high level of rugby, would like to have a coach to be able to lead sessions with expertise, direction and ambition. This advert is open ended to the extent that we must admit, as a student run society, we do not have the funds currently to pay a coach on an hourly rate or session-by-session basis. However, we would consider paying travel expenses as appropriate. Ultimately though, we would welcome interest from anyone who could fulfill the below key responsibilities and who values what we offer.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Liaise with Captains prior to season in order to understand the club and plan accordingly
  • Term dates:
    • 23rd September 2019 – 13th December 2019 (12 weeks)
    • 13th January – 27th March 2019 (11 weeks)
  • Carefully plan and lead weekly training sessions consistently on a weekly basis
    • Monday 7-8:30pm (MUST ATTEND)
    • Wednesday 2-3:30pm (NEGOTIABLE)
  • Provide detailed session plan to Captains if absent
  • Liaise with Captains about team selection
  • Attend Match Days (PREFERRABLE BUT NOT COMPULSORY) – lead warm up and oversee in-game substitutions
  • Support some young players into their first senior rugby season


What we offer:

  • Unique opportunity to coach an ambitious club wanting to play an attractive and fun style of rugby
  • Great training facilities (3G training pitch, gym, fitness studio and fantastically well maintained pitch)
  • Chance to be part of the SBRFC culture and journey towards a hopefully bigger club long term
  • A young or new coach could gain experience in senior coaching
  • Equally potential for interest from an experienced coach excited by the look of SBRFC


How to apply: Please email your CV or any queries to John Price (SBRFC President) at [email protected] or call on 07794 194151

Girls Cup / National U18s Cup Competition Entry Process and Electronic Match Card

June 26th, 2019 by
  • Girls Competition Entry Process and Round Dates 2019/20
  • National Under 18 Cup Entry Process & Dates
  • Electronic Match Card Training Sessions Sign Up


Girls Cup Competitions Entry Process & Round Dates 2019/20

After successful competitions last season at both Under 18 and Under 15, I am happy to announce that entries are now open for both competitions here. If you intend to enter at both age groups, then you will need to complete the survey twice. Please ensure that the survey is completed in its entirety.

Please be aware that there will not be a confirmation email upon completion.

In an effort to improve the competition, we have amended the early stages of the competition so that clubs will now compete across 4 regions as opposed to 6 areas. This removes the need for triangular semi-finals at both an area and national level, allowing for teams to play full matches throughout the entire competition. Teams will still be grouped locally in the pool stages in an attempt to minimise travel distance and times. There will now also be a regional quarter final round added in January as part of the new competition structure.


Please see below for the round dates:


Round 1                                        29th September 2019

Round 2                                        10th November 2019

Round 3                                        15th December 2019

Regional Quarter Finals          12th January 2020

Regional Semi-Finals               9th February 2020

Regional Final                             15th March 2020

National Semi-Final                  5th April 2020

Final                                               3rd May 2020


The deadline for entries is Friday 19th July at 5PM.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or Simon Cruise [email protected] directly.



National Under 18 Cup Entry Process & Dates

Entries for the 2019/20 National Under 18 Cup competition are now open. To enter, please complete this survey in its entirety.


Please be aware that there will not be a confirmation email upon completion.


Entries are once again capped at 128 teams and priority will be given to the first 128 entries, but consideration will also be given to geographic spread, history in the competition and suitability for the competition.


Before you complete the entry form, please look at the dates below and confirm you will be able to fulfil fixtures on these dates. They are the dates set in the National Competition Calendar and there will be very little flexibility on when fixtures can be played. If your local competition organiser has scheduled fixtures for a round date, please raise with them. National Cup fixtures will need to take priority.


Round 1                                        19th/20th October 2019

Round 2                                        16th/17th November 2019

Round 3                                        18th/19th January 2020

Round 4                                        8th/9th February 2020

Round 5                                        14th/15th March 2020

Semi-Final                                    28th/29th April 2020

Final                                               2nd/3rd May 2020


The deadline for entries is Friday 19th July at 5pm.


Please be aware that in this competition we will be making use of Electronic Match Cards (EMCs), please ensure that someone involved with the U18s team is a Match Card Administrator on GMS so that they can fill in the EMCs. Support materials on EMC can be found here at the bottom of the page.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or Simon Cruise [email protected] directly.



Electronic Match Card Training Sessions Sign Up

This email has been sent to club Honorary Secretaries. Please forward to those within your club who manage teams and will be your Match Card Administrators (MCAs) for the upcoming season.


After a successful rollout to Level 8 of the Men’s game and its introduction into the women’s game, Electronic Match Cards (EMCs) will now be rolled out to Level 12 in the men’s game and Level 6 in the women’s game. In support of this we will be running training sessions across the country to help teams become more confident using the system as MCAs.


The dates and locations for the training sessions are below:


30th July 2019                              Blaydon

30th July 2019                              Launceston

31st July 2019                               Wetherby

31st July 2019                              Salisbury

1st August 2019                          Wigan

1st August 2019                          North Bristol

6th August 2019                          Silhillians

6th August 2019                          Cambridge

7th August 2019                          Wellingborough

7th August 2019                          Tunbridge Wells

8th August 2019                          Newark

8th August 2019                         Twickenham


All sessions will be a 6:30pm meet for 7pm start until around 9pm.


Priority will be given to those from a men’s level 9 or below team and all women’s team. However, if there is space then we will accommodate attendees from other clubs, whether they are new MCAs or wish to have a refresher.


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England Counties Under 20 Tour

June 21st, 2019 by

The England Counties Under 20 have returned from a successful tour of Romania. The Team played and won the two tests in Romania against an Under ‘23’ team, 22-7 and 44-21 respectively. Two players from NLD were selected, Luke Bouchier played in both Tests, Dan Lamb in the first, picking up a shoulder injury which meant he couldn’t play in the second.

The Under 20 Squad was selected from the four divisions, 8 players from the North 11 London and Southeast, 4 from the Midlands, and 1 from the Southwest. The Midlands U20 supplied 3 players, including Luke Sharpley of Oundle, and Ollie Killgallon (Loughborough University), who was captain in the second test.

Karl DeGroot, NLD and Manager of the Midlands, reported, “The NLD players and the Midlands squad produced competitive performances at the selection matches but were unable to come out on top, firstly against the North and then a strong London and Southeast Division which was reflected in the overall selection of the England squad

The overall programme was delivered to a high standard and in a very professional manner. We were able to get selectors to every CB game which was a huge positive and we are looking forward to next seasons campaign.”

Chris Brookes, NLD and England Manager was impressed with the NLD and Midlands players on tour. “It a huge honour for me to represent our CB in the England Program; the players are quite rightly extremely proud to be selected from such a high number of players, and it’s extra special for me when my home CB produces young players of such a high standard to wear the Red Rose. Both Dan and Luke were a credit to the Club, CB, and families whilst on tour to Romania.”

The Under 20’s Counties is available to any player below Level 2. This next season, there is no England Students programme and we will hopefully see more players in the NLD selection program pushing for Midland and England honours.

Next season the Counties U20 Tour Georgia. Chris said, “This will be the second visit to Georgia. I was lucky enough to manage the tour two seasons ago, and what a fantastic place and experience it is, and will be, for players that get selected. It truly is a rugby-mad, passionate place. This will be my last Tour for England as my term is in its fourth and final year, and it will fantastic if we can get more of our NLD players on the plane. With there being no students program next season, I really hope that we can see all of the Under 20 talent from our Clubs and Universities producing a fantastic NLD squad to play in the Jason Leonard Under 20 Championship.

Midlands League Tree 2019-20

June 21st, 2019 by

For the Midlands League Tree for the 2019-20 please click the following link: Leagues Tree 19-20

Appointment of NLD Medical Support Co-ordinator

June 18th, 2019 by

NLD is pleased to announce the appointment of Emma Sanders as the Medical Support Co-ordinator following consultation with the Head of Game Development and the Head of Representative Rugby, together with age group Managers and Head of Competitions across the CB.

The new role was created to ensure that the CB has a constantly updated database which will provide stakeholders across the age ranges with ‘live’ information regarding the availability of suitably qualified medical support staff for representative matches as well as Festivals.

Managing our medical support resources will help ensure that Clubs and Representative age groups have access to staff with the required qualifications which should help to avoid the possibility of cancellations of matches and Festivals in the future.

The post-holder will establish more widespread contacts within the sports physiotherapy community as well as reaching out to local Universities in order to develop a network of qualified staff who can be called on to support the CB across the age ranges.

Emma is a qualified Sports Rehabilitator and has worked with Nottingham Rugby Club together with Newark RFC over the last two years and has had regular regular involvement with NLD Representative sides over the past season. She is a Level 3 ICIS qualified pitch side medic and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this important aspect of providing consistent levels of appropriate pitch side cover.

She will report directly to the Head of Game Development and we wish Emma a successful and enjoyable experience working within the NLD structure.

Lee Slack

Event at Derby RFC

June 17th, 2019 by