Junior Competition Results

Please see below the results from games played over the last few weekends.

U13s CUP Semi 27th March
Kesteven 5  v  25 Stamford
West Bridgford 4  v  5 Newark Blue


U13s PLATE Semi 27th March
Newark White 35  v  30 Long Eaton
Lincoln 20  v  15 Mansfield


U13s Shield Semi 27th March
Scunthorpe 35  v  5 Southwell
Ashbourne 10  v  20 Matlock


U13s BOWL Semi 27th March
Notts Corsairs 20  v  25 Boston
Paviors 50  v  0 Melbourne


U14s CUP Semi
Stamford 19  v  12 Matlock
Scunthorpe 12  v  27 Newark


U14s PLATE Semi
West Bridgford 42  v  15 Melbourne


U14s Shield Semi
Notts Moderns 10  v  32 Lincoln


U14s BOWL Semi
Dronfield 36  v  0 Notts Corsairs


U14s Pres. Cup Semi
M.R. & Louth 15  v  7 Boston


U15s Plate Semi
Market Rasen 21  v  15 Ashbourne


U15s Bowl Semi
Matlock 59  v  12 Boston


U16s BOWL Semi
Notts Corsairs 34  v  5 Notts Moderns

This means that the U13s Finals look like this:

Stamford  v  Newark Blues

Lincoln  v  Newark Whites

Scunthorpe  v  Matlock

Boston  v  Paviors

Well done to these teams, and all the others who have taken part.