NLD Junior Competition Results & Semi Final Draws

The results from the weekend’s U13s & U15s matches are below, followed by the next round draw for all ages. Some scores have been altered to fall in line with the permitted 50 point difference.

U13s CUP R3 27th February
M. Rasen 0  v  50 Kesteven
Stamford 45 v  0 West Bridgford
Newark Blue v BYE


U15s Cup R3 27th February
Newark Blues 31  v  22 Notts Corsairs
Lincoln 5  v  29 Sleaford
Kesteven 22  v  19 Scunthorpe
West Bridgford v  C Stamford


U15s Plate R3 27th February
N. N. Buccaneers 55  v  5 Tupton
M. Rasen & Louth 7  v  7 Ilkeston
Ashbourne 29  v  12 Mansfield




U13s CUP Semi 27th March
Kesteven v Stamford
West Bridgford v Newark Blue



U13s PLATE Semi 27th March
Newark White v Long Eaton
Lincoln v Mansfield


U13s Shield Semi 27th March
Scunthorpe v Southwell
Ashbourne v Matlock


U13s BOWL Semi 27th March
Notts Corsairs v Boston
Paviors v Melbourne



U14s CUP R3 6th March
Derby v Scunthorpe
Lincoln v Stamford
Matlock v Notts Moderns
Newark v Kesteven


U14s PLATE R3 6th March
Paviors v West Bridgford
Ashbourne v Dronfield
Notts Corsairs v Melbourne
Ilkeston v Belper


U14s President’s Cup Semi 10th April
Mansfield v Southwell
M.R. & Louth v Boston



U15s Cup Semi 10th April
Sleaford v West Bridgford
Newark Blues v Kesteven


U15s Plate Semi 10th April
Ilkeston v Ashbourne
Stamford v N.N. Buccaneers


U15s Shield Semi 10th April
Notts Corsairs v Notts Moderns
Scunthorpe v Lincoln


U15s Bowl Semi 10th April
Melbourne v Derby
Matlock v Boston



U16s CUP Semi 10th April
Matlock v Derby
Paviors v Newark


U16s PLATE Semi 10th April
Boston v Market Rasen
Scunthorpe v Dronfield / Glossop


U16s SHIELD Semi 10th April
Meden Vale v BYE
Southwell v Kesteven


U16s BOWL Semi 10th April
Notts Corsairs v Dronfield/Glossop
Notts Moderns v BYE