Changes to Girls Age Bands

Hi All

ER_Girls Age Bands        Girls Age Banding FAQ v1.0

Please take the time to read the 2 above documents as they will have an ongoing impact on how the Girls Age Group Rugby will be managed by the RFU over the next 3 or 4 seasons at least. The RFU have also released their 7 year plan for Age Grade Female Rugby which includes the changes outlined above. You can find this document on the RFU website.

There have been posts on WhatsUp expressing concern over the single year U12 Age Group. We have the opportunity now to plan how we can mitigate any potential negative impact, (real or otherwise), to your club and across the wider NLD.

These Age Grade changes will make up the core of any discussion at the next RFU/NLD VR meeting on 13.12.21 so can you have a think about the potential impact these changes could have, (positive and negative), at club level and bring constructive ideas to the meeting to start planning our response as a CB.


Neil Clack

Chair of NLD Women & Girls