Feedback and Engagement with the Referees’ Society

The rugby landscape has changed a lot in the past year and the referee society has also undergone some changes. In my role as society match official development officer (or SMODO),  I am keen to change how we hear from you, our community clubs. In 2019 I opened a feedback form, found below, and contacted all clubs via Whos The Ref, asking for the forms to be completed. Sadly, in the entire season, we only received 36 examples of feedback, with 16 coming from the same club. All feedback is valuable, but we need more to be able to help improve the quality across the levels.

It is our ambition to run regular virtual meetings, at which you are invited to log on and chat directly with our training and development team. They are the people responsible for the quality of training society match officials receive, whilst also supporting our developers, out assessing the performances on match days. The forums will be grouped by level, inviting level 5, 6 & 7 clubs to meet with me as SMODO, a senior match official from the training team and  match official developer. The same will be offered to Level 8 & 9 and again for Level 10 and above. Once we have an idea of interested clubs we may change the groupings to manage numbers, but would communicate this with all parties.

We would like to start by gauging the level of interest for these forums, as one of two main feedback options for your club. Both options provide feedback directly to me and my team, about how our members are performing and how we can work together to increase the quality of rugby across NLD.

To express interest in joining the Community Forums please click HERE.

The existing feedback form can be found HERE. We have been using the very few bits of feedback received to shape some of our training, but we need more. We need to know what you think and how you feel we can improve what we do. Please use this form for ANY games appointed to by the referees society, once the season commences? ( I will send the link to the form directly to any coach or captain that wants it and ahead of the start of the season to all, via WTR).

With this new feedback route for your clubs, I am optimistic that we can improve the quality of match officiating and the quality of our game in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire and continue to cement our commitment to you, our stakeholders.

If there is anything you would like to discuss further with me, please do not hesitate to reach out on the details below.

Stay safe and speak soon,


Society Match Official Development Officer

Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Rugby Union Referee Society ltd.
E: [email protected]

T: 07842 527 240