Election of Representative to the Rugby Football Union

After 10 years as an NLD Representative to the RFU, Mike Waplington is stepping down, leaving a vacancy which will be filled by way of election.

Chairmen and Honorary Secretaries at all voting clubs, as well as NLD Management Committee have been given their voting forms with a closing date for nominations set for Monday 1st March.

Mike has given an insight into what the role entails:

“I’ve thoroughly enjoy my time on Council and it’s been as with most things in life – what you put into it is what you get out of it. It’s really interesting being at the heart of the debates that take place about the RFU strategies and policies and best of all being able to influence those policies through the work you do on a sub committee and ad hoc meetings with RFU staff and Executive. You can control the amount of time you need to put into a Council ‘career’ to a great degree by managing the No of sub committees and working groups that you ask to participate on. Many people just sit on one sub committee at a time, others (like Tracy and I have done) sit on multiple simultaneously once you’ve settled in and know what time you have available. My personal view, as both a Council member and Chair of Council Nominations Committee, is never to commit to more than 2 with the possibility also of a short term working group if you have the time and it’s set up to look at something that you’re passionate about. Members are from all walks of life and all have differing time available to fulfil their duties. Coronavirus has meant that all meetings have been held virtually and I can see that becoming part of how all sub committees will work thus cutting down travel down to Twickenham. In addition, the structure and work of the sub committees is something that is likely to be reviewed so the sub committees (present summary attached) may change.
On the domestic front you will often be the first port of call from clubs about matters of RFU policy and strategy or when they wish to make a representation to the RFU about something. The relationships that you will develop with the RFU Executive and staff will help you to deal with these issues and give clubs a route into decisions that are made.”
The Role also carries a responsibility of becoming a Statutory Director and Board member of NLD RFU Ltd.
Mike is happy to speak with anyone interested in the role and can be contacted on 07917 182201 or [email protected]