Rugby Safe

  • In January there will be some information from the RFU regarding an update to the minimum standards required under Regulation 9 (Player Safety). Would all clubs please ensure that their RugbySafe details on GMS are up to date and correct so that we can be sure this information reaches the correct person. Should you have any questions regarding RugbySafe and Covid 19 the there is a new email address which should give you the answers. [email protected]
  • You could also try
  • First Aid update
  1. Courses are now running again
  2. Should a club wish to set up a course it will need to provide a Covid Safe environment for delivery. Deliverers will refuse to proceed if they deem it unsafe. The position regarding RFU staff organising these courses is still unclear. Should a club wish to run a course then they should contact me on [email protected] and I will try to find a deliverer.
  3. First Aiders requiring requalification are still allowed to provide cover with RFU insurance until they are able to update.

4 Please note that some of the requirements regarding cover at Age Grade rugby have been modified to read “per Age Group” rather than “per Team”.

  • “Headcase”

There is now one generic version which covers all, whether player ,coach, parent etc.

It is still available online and can be accessed through GMS. There is an “Open” version if you don’t have access to GMS.

  • “Activate”…Injury Prevention Programme is now available through a new online module.

Dave Andrews Acting Rugby Safe Lead for NLD