NLD Coaching Development

The question arises “How do I develop my coaching now that Covid has shut down all RFU CPD and Award courses?”

There is still a lot of information available as long as you know where to look.  There are several places on You Tube where it may be worth looking. Try the videos available on “Keep Your Boots On”  “Kids First” or “ Gamechangers” which offer examples of good practice.

One platform that has recently come to my attention is “Inspiring Coaching” at which offers 1to1 mentoring and development. If you do nothing else take a look at the free video featuring Bryan Ashton, former Bath and England Head Coach and hosted by Paul Westgate, which covers Ashton’s growth as a coach and the development of his Coaching Philosophy. Other contributors include Kevin Bowring former Head of Elite Coach Development at the RFU and Stuart Lancaster former England Head Coach and current Leinster Rugby Head Coach.

Dave Andrews Head of Game Development for NLD.