Self Help Schemes

Calling all clubs….

It has been a difficult and trying time for the whole country throughout the Covid pandemic to date, many businesses have suffered and many have had to radically change their operating model.

This has included community rugby clubs who have really suffered with no rugby, training or social events and rugby clubhouses forced to close their doors for a while.

Having said that, it is becoming increasingly apparent that many clubs have found alternative and innovative ways to continue to raise money and keep the club and rugby community together, through sponsored events, challenges or other fund-raising activities.

To that end, we would like to capture some information from those of you that have successfully implemented alternative fund raising initiatives as to what you have been doing, how it has helped and how we can share those ideas with other community rugby clubs who may be struggling but are not yet aware of some of the ways that they can support themselves through this difficult time.

If you are willing to share details of your initiative or good news story, please could you reply to the NLD Office at: [email protected]

Your reply should contain:

  • What was the initiative (brief summary).
  • How many people were involved (club members or maybe wider community).
  • What was the outcome and impact (could be financial/club spirit/team bonding/etc).
  • A contact name or number if other clubs would like to get in touch for further information or to plan their own activity.

Many thanks for your continuing support.

Our thanks to Rhuari Pike for his help in assisting us to pull this information together for the benefit of all clubs within the 3 Counties.