NLD RFU Update

We at NLD all hope that you and your families have kept well over the last few months during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although the playing of rugby has stopped during lockdown, there has been continued activity between NLD and the RFU to try and find a safe way back to playing community rugby, and you will all be aware through the RFU Community Updates of the stages we need to progress through to get back to normality.

The NLD Office Administrator post has been furloughed since April and we are now making a gradual return with Katherine, back from maternity leave, resuming duties on the reduced hours of 10.30am-2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays for the time being. The telephone number remains the same – 07597 670 743, but the email address has changed. All correspondence to the NLD office must now be sent to [email protected]

Due to her work commitments, Tracy Edmundson has reluctantly made the decision to step down from her role as NLD Hon Sec. Tracy has fulfilled this role for many years and the Board thank her for her support and input into the matters of the CB during this time. We are pleased to advise that Darren Dolby, who many of you will already know as our CB Club Volunteer Coordinator and Safeguarding Manager, has agreed to take on this important role. We would like to welcome Darren to this role and thank him for taking on the pivotal task that being Hon Sec is.

We understand how difficult this year has been for clubs and want to sincerely express gratitude for your understanding as we take things slowly on the path back to playing the game that we love.