As many of you will be aware the amount of funding we receive from the RFU has been cut by around 22% this season which has meant we’ve had to look at all of our central costs so as to continue to maximise the investment we make in the game itself. With this in mind, there are several changes that we wish to advise you about:-

  • The physical office in Newark is now closed. We will continue to operate a virtual office from Northgate Business Centre so any items that need to be posted to NLD should still be sent to that address from where they will be collected or posted on. Meetings previously held within the Conference room at Northgate will need to find a new location, preferably somewhere free of charge!;
  • The landline telephone No of 01636 640800 has been discontinued. Going forward the only No for NLD RFU is 07597 670743;
  • Nicole Brown, after much thought, has decided not to return from her maternity leave. We thank Nicole for the 10 years of brilliant support she has given to all of us and wish her well for the future in everything she pursues;
  • Katherine Wells will continue in her role as our administrative support. She will work from home on a base contract of 21 hours per week.Her ‘working days’ will be Tuesday and Friday 9:15am – 4:45pm with the remaining hours being worked on other weekdays answering emails and returning phone calls at a time that suits her other commitments. However, any email or telephone message will be returned within 24 hours;
  • Given the reduction in hours there will be some things where we have become accustomed to support that all of us will now have to consider other ways of dealing with them;
  • Arrangements are being made to rehouse the items we store like kit and it is intended that this will still be within the Newark area.

If anyone has any queries about anything to do with the new arrangements please don’t hesitate to email me. ([email protected])

Many thanks and best regards