Girls Cup / National U18s Cup Competition Entry Process and Electronic Match Card

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Girls Cup Competitions Entry Process & Round Dates 2019/20

After successful competitions last season at both Under 18 and Under 15, I am happy to announce that entries are now open for both competitions here. If you intend to enter at both age groups, then you will need to complete the survey twice. Please ensure that the survey is completed in its entirety.

Please be aware that there will not be a confirmation email upon completion.

In an effort to improve the competition, we have amended the early stages of the competition so that clubs will now compete across 4 regions as opposed to 6 areas. This removes the need for triangular semi-finals at both an area and national level, allowing for teams to play full matches throughout the entire competition. Teams will still be grouped locally in the pool stages in an attempt to minimise travel distance and times. There will now also be a regional quarter final round added in January as part of the new competition structure.


Please see below for the round dates:


Round 1                                        29th September 2019

Round 2                                        10th November 2019

Round 3                                        15th December 2019

Regional Quarter Finals          12th January 2020

Regional Semi-Finals               9th February 2020

Regional Final                             15th March 2020

National Semi-Final                  5th April 2020

Final                                               3rd May 2020


The deadline for entries is Friday 19th July at 5PM.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or Simon Cruise [email protected] directly.



National Under 18 Cup Entry Process & Dates

Entries for the 2019/20 National Under 18 Cup competition are now open. To enter, please complete this survey in its entirety.


Please be aware that there will not be a confirmation email upon completion.


Entries are once again capped at 128 teams and priority will be given to the first 128 entries, but consideration will also be given to geographic spread, history in the competition and suitability for the competition.


Before you complete the entry form, please look at the dates below and confirm you will be able to fulfil fixtures on these dates. They are the dates set in the National Competition Calendar and there will be very little flexibility on when fixtures can be played. If your local competition organiser has scheduled fixtures for a round date, please raise with them. National Cup fixtures will need to take priority.


Round 1                                        19th/20th October 2019

Round 2                                        16th/17th November 2019

Round 3                                        18th/19th January 2020

Round 4                                        8th/9th February 2020

Round 5                                        14th/15th March 2020

Semi-Final                                    28th/29th April 2020

Final                                               2nd/3rd May 2020


The deadline for entries is Friday 19th July at 5pm.


Please be aware that in this competition we will be making use of Electronic Match Cards (EMCs), please ensure that someone involved with the U18s team is a Match Card Administrator on GMS so that they can fill in the EMCs. Support materials on EMC can be found here at the bottom of the page.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or Simon Cruise [email protected] directly.



Electronic Match Card Training Sessions Sign Up

This email has been sent to club Honorary Secretaries. Please forward to those within your club who manage teams and will be your Match Card Administrators (MCAs) for the upcoming season.


After a successful rollout to Level 8 of the Men’s game and its introduction into the women’s game, Electronic Match Cards (EMCs) will now be rolled out to Level 12 in the men’s game and Level 6 in the women’s game. In support of this we will be running training sessions across the country to help teams become more confident using the system as MCAs.


The dates and locations for the training sessions are below:


30th July 2019                              Blaydon

30th July 2019                              Launceston

31st July 2019                               Wetherby

31st July 2019                              Salisbury

1st August 2019                          Wigan

1st August 2019                          North Bristol

6th August 2019                          Silhillians

6th August 2019                          Cambridge

7th August 2019                          Wellingborough

7th August 2019                          Tunbridge Wells

8th August 2019                          Newark

8th August 2019                         Twickenham


All sessions will be a 6:30pm meet for 7pm start until around 9pm.


Priority will be given to those from a men’s level 9 or below team and all women’s team. However, if there is space then we will accommodate attendees from other clubs, whether they are new MCAs or wish to have a refresher.


Signup Details: Please fill in the sign-up form here. Please be aware that there will not be a confirmation email upon completion.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]