Allocation of international tickets to the game

The RFU Council recently endorsed changes to the method for allocating tickets to England internationals at Twickenham, to various sections of the game. The new system will be introduced ahead of the 2020 Autumn Internationals, with clubs required to input data via the Team Management tool on GMS across the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons. The RFU will provide updated user guides and FAQs on the Team Management tool, in upcoming Community Game Updates.

Please note that the total number of tickets allocated to each section of the Game and the policy that at least 50% of the tickets for each match are available to the Game, remains unchanged.

From the 2020/21 season, changes are as follows:

1. RFU Voting Clubs
• Every club receives an initial allocation of six tickets (currently it is two).
• Each club with an aggregate total of 30 players or more at U13 and below correctly registered on GMS, will receive an additional two tickets.
• All remaining tickets to be divided between voting clubs, based on the number of matches played by all teams (men and women, U14s to adult) of the club.

2. The 28 Geographic CBs
• Every geographic CB receives an initial allocation of 20 tickets (as is currently the case).
• All remaining tickets to be divided between geographic CBs, based on the number of matches played by their clubs.

3. Referees Societies
• Every society receives an initial allocation of six tickets.

• All remaining tickets to be divided between referees societies, based on the number of matches the society appoints to.

4. Cambridge University, Oxford University and Student RFU CBs and their member clubs
• The allocation of tickets for these three CBs and their member clubs will remain unchanged at this time.

5. The three Armed Services’ CBs and their member clubs
• Each of these CBs have a set number of tickets to allocate to their members.

6. Schools and Colleges that are members of the ERFSU or England Colleges RFU
• The allocation of tickets for Schools and Colleges remains unchanged at this time.
• Schools and Colleges will now be required to demonstrate proof of rugby activity and that tickets are used by an individual who contributes to the rugby activity in that school or college.

In June 2019, we will provide RFU voting clubs, geographic CBs and referee societies with an indicative International ticket entitlement, based on the new process and data collected this season. This will provide an opportunity to compare with current allocations.

For examples of how entitlements will be allocated to the game, together with further information on the endorsed changes to the method, please click here.