Community Game Update October 2018

England Rugby Grand Draw returns for 2018/19 season

The England Rugby Grand Draw is returning for the 2018/19 season. Since its launch 16 years ago, the draw has raised almost £7 million for the community game, with almost 600 clubs and schools participating every year. Clubs and schools must register to receive a starter kit, and once registered, have no costs or risks associated to the draw. All draw material is provided free of charge by the RFU, and for every £1 ticket sold, the club or school keep 85p with funds raised available to utilise on new kit, equipment, coaching or any other beneficial resource.

Raffle prizes this year include a £10,000 top prize, £1,000 and £500 cash prizes, signed shirts, tickets for Twickenham fixtures and many more. The next draw will be made on 10th April 2019, with RFU President Chris Kelly officiating.

To register and order raffle books, please contact the Grand Draw team ([email protected]).

Latest CASC newsletter released

The latest CASC newsletter includes information on making the most of Gift Aid, making tax digital for VAT requirements, and VAT payments. You can access the newsletter here. For further information, please contact Dave Stubley ([email protected]), RFU Club Services Manager.

Advice on the operation of drones during training or fixtures

Drones have become increasingly popular but, just like other aircraft, must be flown in a safe manner to prevent endangering any other aircraft, people or property on the ground. Camera mounted drones should never be flown over training sessions or matches by anyone not equipped to protect people on the ground. With reports of drones being used in rugby, the RFU strongly advises caution and refers anyone involved in the game to take guidance from the Civil Aviation Authority’s website. The RFU also advises anyone planning to use a drone to contact Howden’s regarding insurance to make sure that you have the proper and adequate cover.

The England team work with a specialist company, who are experts at filming in high-pressure environments and one of the pioneers of drone filming, and they regard safety and reliability as key.

Players, approaches, contracts, payments and player movement – 2018/19 season update

As you are all hopefully aware, the regulations pertaining to payment of players came into force on 1st August 2018, as part of RFU Regulation 7 – Players, Approaches, Contracts, Payments and Player Movement (please click here for Payment of Player FAQs). The RFU has received a number of queries on topics related to Regulation 7 that we feel would be helpful to share more widely:

1. Payment of Player declarations: Club declarations will be due between 1st March and 30th June 2019 in respect of any Gross Payments of Material Benefits paid or payable between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2019. Therefore the arrangements that clubs currently have in place will be captured by this declaration and may impact upon the RFU benefits the club is eligible for next season.

2. Requirement to have a contract: Any person or entity giving or receiving (whether directly or indirectly) any Material Benefit for participation in the Game must ensure that: (a) a Contract is in place; (b) such
Contract is in a form approved and/or distributed by the RFU; and (c) RFU Regulation 14.6.3 is complied with (submission of documents to registrar). Please utilise
model contracts made available by the RFU

3. Player approaches: No party may directly or indirectly approach any Player who is under Contract with a Club to attempt to induce the Player to leave that Club, unless in the final six months of the term of that Player’s Contract, or with agreement of that Club. This season the RFU has successfully brought cases against two clubs (one at level 3 and one at level 6) for approaching players under contract.

4. Agents: In one of the above cases a RFU Registered Agent was also sanctioned for his part in the unauthorised approach. RFU Regulation – Agents mandates that Registered Agents must not take any steps (including the making of public statements) intended to induce any person to act in breach of any Rules of a Home Union or in breach of his or her written agreement with the Home Union or any Club or any other Registered Agent.

Clubs or Players are also reminded that should they wish to engage a person to act for them in carrying out Agent Activity (as defined in RFU Regulation 8) and/or in relation to any approach, negotiation, arrangement or execution of any transfer or registration of any Player with a Club, they must only appoint a Registered Agent. Please click here for a list of RFU Registered agents.

If you need more information and have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Update: International ticket allocations and their misuse

With tickets for November’s Quilter Internationals being sent out in the coming weeks, we wanted to remind all of the communications around International Tickets and their misuse, from June’s Community Game Update.

As you may be aware, at least 50% of all tickets for England internationals at Twickenham are allocated to the Game. Profits from all ticket sales (including commercial sales) are reinvested back in to the game, both at grass roots and elite levels.

So far in 2018 we have already had to sanction 53 clubs, CBs, colleges, schools, universities and referee societies by restricting access to their international match ticket allocation, for their tickets being sold on the secondary market. In addition a number of England Rugby Club members, debenture holders, local residents and other ticket holder types have been found to be in breach of the ticketing terms and conditions, and have therefore received sanctions.

A letter from Steve Brown in June 2018 reminded all of how international match tickets can be utilised. Any questions about how such tickets can be used and their terms and conditions, should be directed to [email protected]