GMS Roles & Permissions Update

The RFU recently notified the community game of some upcoming changes to the Roles and Permissions in the Game Management System (GMS). These changes are part of the RFU’s response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are intended to support the RFU, Clubs and CBs in their use of the system. The objective is for individual users of GMS to only have access to information that is appropriate for their given role. To support Clubs and CBs to manage this process within GMS, we have simplified the levels of permission available. The default permission setting (Zero) will enable an individual to login to GMS and edit their own personal details only. There will then be a further 5 levels of permission available to a Club, and 3 for a CB. This will need to be assigned by the appropriate person at the Club or CB. We have nominated the Data Officer and Honorary Secretary to be the initial individuals to hold this responsibility. It is important to note that it is the responsibility of the Club or CB to ensure that only appropriate individuals have a level of permission that enables access to more than their own personal details.


If you currently have a role of either ‘DATA OFFICER’ or ‘HONORARY SECRETARY’ at your Club or CB, you will be automatically assigned with the highest level of permission, for Clubs this is referred to as ‘Level 5’. This level will enable you to access an area of GMS where you can assign any individuals within your organisation with a level of permission appropriate to their position of responsibility. Additionally, the RFU appreciate that we are in a peak period of player registrations. Therefore, all individuals that currently have the role of ‘YOUTH REGISTRAR, ‘ADULT REGISTRAR’ or ‘WOMENS REGISTRAR’ and have logged in within the last 12 months or have been recently been provided with the role, will automatically be granted the permission level that will enable them to continue their role of registering players. This permission is called ‘Level 3’.


Within the ‘Organisation Admin’ module inside GMS, each ‘Level 5’ user will have access to a description of each level and the modules contained for that permission level. Any individual can be assigned a permission level, providing they have a role at the Club or CB.


A tidy up of roles in GMS has also been undertaken, this list has been refined and some roles have been archived that are deemed no longer applicable. A key element of the changes made to roles is the ability for Clubs and CBs to assign a ‘Job Title’ to a particular role. For example, you may like to assign somebody with a role of ‘Volunteer’ at your organisation, but then provide a more specific job title applicable to your Club or CB. This update will allow greater flexibility when managing the individuals and their positions of responsibility at your Club or CB.


By visiting you will be able to find guides on how to add/remove permissions to users in addition to adding a job title to a record. Documentation that contains the updated list of roles available in GMS and a breakdown of the levels of permissions that can be granted within the system can also be found here. We’ve also included some FAQs that may assist getting answers to immediate questions you may have.