NLD Colts Cluster 2018-19 & Lincolnshire Colts Competition

Following on from the meeting a couple of weeks ago please see attached a copy of the minutes outlining everything that was discussed on the evening.

NLD Colts Cluster Meeting 15052018

In addition please also see attached a copy of the proposed fixtures list for 2018-19 as agreed at the meeting.

Colts Cluster Fixtures 2018-19

Please note a couple of points on these:

  • As we have listed all teams playing home & away fixtures this requires a large number of dates through the season and therefore it has not been possible to avoid all of the dates from the National Competition & the Lincolnshire County Competition (latter stages).  You will need to look at these fixture dates carefully and manage according to your own team.
  • At the meeting it was discussed that three / four way fixtures would be beneficial through the season.  We have not prescribed these for clubs but please look at other teams playing on those weekends and work together to find something that suits you all.
  • Likewise with fixtures between two clubs who are a little further apart, meeting in the middle can be a great compromise to save on the travel and make the game more feasible.
  • The two festival dates included are 6th January & 31st March – we will no doubt require host clubs so please do keep this in mind too!!
  • Please remember the ethos of the cluster and communicate clearly with each other either through the group, on email or via telephone.
  • Contact database – latest version I have is attached although there are some gaps.  Please do let me know any changes / updates that need making to your team and I will send a revised copy to everyone in a couple of weeks when the majority of changes have come through.
  • Transition dates – these have been included post Christmas to fit in with the Derbyshire dates where possible so that you can work with other local teams, please take note of them on the fixture list.
  • Fixture lists – while we have tried to work within a couple of club fixture lists we were given this has not been entirely possible, please check dates carefully and take a flexible, proactive approach with your opposition.
  • Lincolnshire Colts Competition – the details from Melvyn are below, Lincolnshire clubs will need to respond directly to Melvyn regarding entry.

Lincs RFU Competition 2018-19

An additional point to note is that following on from the meeting Mansfield confirmed they would not be entering, hence they have not been included in these fixtures.

Huge thanks to all teams for all of their positive input into the Cluster so far – let’s make it even more enjoyable & successful in 2018-19!