U17 Inter Squad Game – VENUE CHANGE

Following the deterioration in the weather once again, the decision has been taken to CHANGE THE VENUE for tomorrow’s night inter-squad game (Wed. 11 April).

This will now be held at:

David Ross Sports Centre
University of Nottingham

This is the same venue we used for the inter-squad games last week and we will use the same AGP Pitch to provide the players with a proper surface to demonstrate their potential.

Kick-off will be at 20:00

Players should be at the Centre for 19:00 and ready to play promptly at 20:00 as we only have the pitch for 1 hour.

Following feedback from the Midlands group, who trained extensively on AGP, it seems the use of Baby Oil on knees may help to alleviate some of the potential for friction burns sometimes experienced on this type of pitch.