Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

We all know that club facilities are in hot demand and as a club expands and grows there are often challenges in juggling a busy schedule.

This was the case recently at KestevenRFC who have enjoyed excellent growth and development around the Women & Girls game. On speaking with Lincolnshire RDO, Gareth Short, the club got in touch with Spalding RFC who have recently moved to a new ground.

Spalding had acquired some portable changing facilities from the London Olympic Games and had one of these which was not fulfilling its full potential as it was being used only for storage.

On discussion with Spalding, Kesteven RFC purchased the spare changing facility at a reasonable cost which enabled them much more flexibility to service the growth of the game at the club.

Spalding RFC were only too happy to assist a neighbouring club and used the funds to purchase a shipping container to replace their storage.

The two clubs have gone on to develop a strong relationship and have been sharing good practise including a recent visit from Spalding to Kesteven to look at the new finance system put in place by the club.

This is a fantastic example of clubs working together for the greater good of the game, as we say, teamwork makes the dream work!