NLD RFU Council Members Re elected

Following the recent NLD RFU Council Member Elections we are pleased to announce that Mike Waplington & Tracy Edmundson have both been re elected to be NLD’s representatives on the RFU Council until the end of the 2020-21 season.

Mike continues in his role as the Chair of the revised Education & Age Grade Sub Committee, a member of the Community Game Board and the RFU Audit committee. Tracy will continue to sit on the Education & Age Grade Sub Committee and Chair the Age Grade Club Advisory Group which gives the club Age Grade game an equal voice alongside the Schools, Colleges and Students Unions in developing strategy in the Age Grade game.

In accordance with the revised Rules of the Rugby Football Union, Representatives to the RFU Council are now elected for a term of up to 3 years by each Constituent Body and the Clubs allocated to it. Following the RFU SGM in November and the revised Rules being adopted, RFU Council members are now subject to a maximum of 3 terms of 3 years although there are exceptions which can extend this and there are some transitional arrangements so that many Council members do not all finish immediately.  Under these transitional arrangements this will be Mike’s final term of office on the RFU Council.

Tracy commented, ‘It is a real privilege to be able to represent the clubs in NLD on the RFU Council, we are the voice of NLD and are looking forward to being able to make a positive impact in the coming seasons’.

Both Mike & Tracy are available to talk to any clubs regarding any questions or concerns they may have, their contact details are available below.

Mike Waplington – [email protected] / 07917 182201

Tracy Edmundson – [email protected] / 07970 727683