Unity Project

During the RFU’s Unity Project, which was a Rugby World Cup legacy pledge to help implement/improve rugby in 17 other countries over a three year period starting in 2013, NLD RFU and Eastern Counties RFU worked closely with Belgian Rugby Union in order to develop Rugby in country.

As a continuation of that project Tracy Edmundson (NLD RFU Council Member and Hon Sec), Alan Royer (Area 4 Area Manager), Scott Johnson (Notts RDO), Roger Pierson (Eastern Counties RU Council Member and Hon Sec) and Chloe McMorran (Suffolk RDO) travelled to Belgium in October 2017 to assist the Belgian Rugby Federation with writing a four year Strategic Plan for their Union.

“Alan, Tracy, Roger, Chloe and Scott gave us the benefit of their field experience in England,” said Nicolas Meeus, secretary of the FBRB.

It was a whistle stop two day visit in which the group worked for many hours with Salvatore Zandona (FBRB President), Jan Coupe (FBRB Vice President), Olivier Wellens (FBRB Vice President), Luc Macharis (FBRB Board member) and Nicolas Meeus (FBRB General Secretary), during which time a great deal of progress was made.  The group will stay in touch and continue to share best practice and keep the project moving forward.