England Rugby Regulations Update

The new England Rugby regulations for the 2017-18 season came into force on 1st August, all of the regulations can be found clicking here.

There are a few key updates that clubs need to keep in mind for the upcoming season.

.       Regulation 15.3.1 (and consequential change to 15.6.3)- amended to permit players to only participate in organised rugby activity from U7s upwards. Previously regulations permitted 6 years old to play competitive matches even if in the U6 age grade.

.       Regulation 15.5.5 – The key change is to permit 17 year old Girls to play up into adult rugby provided the relevant form is completed, a risk assessment is undertaken and the player does not play in the front row of contested scrums. This change mirrors the male provision and ensures an equalitarian approach across both genders.

.       Regulation 15.6.1 – The season dates have been updated.

.       Regulation 15.6.2 – As recommended by the Age Grade Good Practice Group, the activity that is permitted outside of the season has been fundamentally restricted due to the need to address the evidence of increasingly poor practice in this area and the player welfare concerns that players are simply not getting enough rest.  The changes to out of season activity are set out clearly in the redraft, the two key changes being that:

–       U13s and below: no rugby activity, including training and non-contact rugby will be permitted out of season.

–       U14s and above, training and non-contact rugby will not be permitted in June and any form of contact rugby (including 7s, 10s, 12s and training) will not be permitted in May, June and July. Please note however that 17 years old will still be permitted to play up into adult rugby to play contact and non-contact rugby.

.       Regulation 15.6.4 – Redrafted for greater clarity.

.       Regulation 15.6.5 – Amended so that all competitive activity must be played by the May first bank holiday, save that if a competition match is postponed or abandoned due to adverse weather conditions, such match can be played up until the last May bank holiday. Previously, any competitive activity was permitted until end of May. This change is a recommendation of the Age Group Good Practice Group.

.       Regulation 15.8 – amended to give CB approval right over all summer camps, rather than simply those falling outside the guidelines.