NLD Young Rugby Ambassadors Win Awards

As well as the Young Match Official Recognition Event on 28th May, there was also a Young Rugby Ambassador event taking place at Twickenham.  

The Young Rugby Ambassadors programme is run by the RFU for individuals aged between 14 – 24, where individuals log their rugby volunteering hours through vInspired. Rewards are given for levels of hours logged and awards are given out at the end of every season for outstanding achievements.

The day involved workshops in the morning as well as a Q and A session with a special guest, Giselle Mather. Who is Britain’s most prominent female full-time professional rugby coach and is a model of dedication and meticulousness. Providing an insight into the challenges of being a young person and being successful within rugby. The day also involved the giving of rewards for individuals who had achieved their 100 hours of volunteering as well as YRAs who had been highly commended for their work within rugby.   NLD’s Maddie Crofts was presented with one of these awards having reached 100 hours of volunteering within the game.

James Phillips, NLD Young Match Official Programme Lead & YRA won the national award for ‘Community Impact within Rugby’ for his work within NLD RFU in the YMO Programme and for his refereeing as a YMO himself. James commented;

It is an honour to be recognised by the RFU for the hard work that we are doing within NLD to promote and develop YMOs. As well as for the hard work that has been put in by myself in my refereeing, the support from NLD has enabled me to excel and really enjoy the experience in a safe and inclusive environment”.

For anyone ages 14 – 24 who wants to become a Young Rugby Ambassador the link to register for vInspired is below:

Pictured Maddie Crofts