NLD Senior Women’s Squad Announced

Thank you to everyone who attended the trials for the NLD Senior Women’s Programme for the 16-17 season. The standard of two trials was higher yet again this year, which is a credit to all of the players and clubs involved.

We are pleased to announce that the following people have been selected to join the training squad for the first training session which will take place on Thursday 30th March at Southwell RFC and all subsequent training sessions.

As a coaching team we will be using the training sessions to decide upon what the playing squad for our county championship matches will look like, so the real hard work begins now.

If your name does not appear below then you are unsuccessful in being selected to join the  NLD Senior Women’s Programme this season.   The coaches are more than happy to provide feedback to you.

  1. Leanne Reaves
  2. Chira Roberts
  3. Amy Rose Carpenter
  4. Lauran Clayton
  5. Katy Cresswell
  6. Liddy Ford
  7. Hannah Newsome
  8. Holly Jackson
  9. Jess Tolson
  10. Alicia Jakeman
  11. Jess Panayiotou
  12. Katie Peggs
  13. Lydia Taylor
  14. Vicky Jones
  15. Harriet Thompson
  16. Hannah Cartwright
  17. Hannah Dennis
  18. Jodie Dimmock
  19. Sarah Driver
  20. Aoife Fehilly
  21. Jen Castle
  22. Beth Arthur
  23. Lucy Bonsall
  24. Ellen Howl
  25. Maizie Morgan
  26. Yina Murayama
  27. Juliet Porter
  28. Lauren Herbert
  29. Ellie Harris
  30. Jenna Bierton
  31. Tanya Bird
  32. April Marie-Clarke
  33. Sally Herbert
  34. Alex Clinkarfd
  35. Sophie Todd
  36. Lizzie Read
  37. Eleanor Hind
  38. Polly Orgill
  39. Louisa Burgham
  40. Lauren Patterson
  41. Bethan Arba

Once again we would like to congratulate you on making it into the training squad and look forward seeing you all at the first training session.

Kindest Regards

Carol Badmin
NLD Women’s Manager

Mobile:  07823 443299
Email:   nldr[email protected]