NLD U16 v Staffs Match Report

NLD U16s vs Staffordshire U16s 22 January 2017

This was a close game with two evenly matched teams. In the first few minutes of the game Staffs were close to scoring but a good tackle by Ben Dickinson saved the points.  Staffs did score about 10 minutes later but failed to convert.

NLD were given a penalty at close range a few minutes later which Ben Dickinson popped over the uprights. After plenty of work from both sides Ben Smith scored from a breakaway which saw him sprinting almost the length of the pitch, hotly pursued by three Staffs players. Ben Dickinson converted the try.

At half time the score stood at ten all as Staffs pushed another try past the NLD defence.

Ten minutes into the first half and the NLD were putting in some sterling tackles, good runs and excellent play but were letting themselves down with a few silly mistakes and a few careless passes.

Just before full time Staffs scored another try which they converted, leaving the full time score as NLD 10 Staffs 17.


1-Ryan Toogood
2-Thomas Wide
3-Lochlan Dudley
4-Will Backhouse
5-Will Seage
6-Marcus Payne
7-Archie Offer
8-Adam Overton
9-Harris Orridge Du-Bois
10-Jonny Law
11-Ben Smith
12-Ben Dickinson (Captain)
13-William Terry-Harding
14-Adam Hopkins
15-Joel Duckworth
16-Matthew Addlesee
17-Jack Pirie
18-Joe Fitzsimmons
19-James Hather
20-Lewis Booth
21-Joe Barnes
22-Niall King
23-Safwaan Ali