NLD U16 v Leicestershire Match Report

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NLD Under 16s Match Report

8th January 2017

Billed as a CB Festival at Loughborough University NLD played Leicestershire, using the entire 33 man squad with Ben Dickinson as captain.

Leicestershire scored first and converted in the first few minutes when NLD were caught napping. NLD responded quickly with a try from Will Seage which Ben Dickinson converted. Leicestershire scored and converted shortly after and then scored again before NLD were able to reply with a try from Adam Hopkins and a try from William Town which was converted.

The Match was split into 4 20 minute sections to enable the Academy to view all players and by the end of the second 20 minutes the score stood at 29 17 to Leicestershire.

The entire squad now changed for the second half . The coaches had asked the players to tighten up the breakdowns and make their tackles count and as the third 20 minute section started with unseasonably warm January weather , one of the linesmen confided that he had two protective layers on under his shirt and was about to expire !

This was the strongest passage of play for NLD, Marcus Payne scored a try as did James Hather and another try was disallowed. Leicestershire produced a very fast winger who blasted past the NLD defence twice.

By the end of the third 20 mins the score stood at 45 to 27 to Leicestershire.

For the final 20 minutes the last three NLD players came on the pitch. Joel Duckworth scored again and his try was converted. Leicestershire sensing the margin was now only 9 points put their foot on the accelerator and by the end of the match the final score stood at 59 to 34 to Leicestershire.

It was a good performance from the squad and one they can build on . It is heartening to see so many different players in the squad scoring and it really demonstrates the good team working which was evident in the squad. There are areas we need to build on but we have a good platform for the next game.

There is no training on Monday-back to training as normal on Monday 16th January 2017.

Report by the NLD U16 Coaching & Management Team