NLD U16 Trial Update

Following the trials on the 14th and 21st November the names of the players selected will go up on the NLD website.

Those players should attend the first training session at Southwell RFC at 6.00 on 5th December . The EPDG players will also attend the first training session and the coaches will use that session to “prune” the squad down to the 32 players we need .

Following the training session on the 5th December the names of the players selected for the final squad of 32 will be listed on the NLD website.

EPDG players should not attend the trials on the 21st, they will be trialled on the 5th December.

Please contact Lindsey on [email protected] or 07910 406976 if you have any queries.

As the coaches said after the trials on the 14th, you are up against the very best players from three counties and it is impossible for us to select all of you. Keep playing rugby and keep enjoying it and we look forward to seeing you at trials in future years.