NLD Post 16 Structure 2016-17

With the end of the season fast approaching plans for 2016-17 are at the forefront of the mind for most.

There has been much discussion about plans for post 16 competition within NLD and as there has been a little bit of confusion we wanted to clarify the situation for clubs.

As we well know there is no ‘one size fits all’ for these age groups and having tried a number of different approaches with varying results over the last few years we are planning a more laid back approach to 2016-17. One of the most common problems has been the early start of the league in the season, clubs have to commit over the summer and often the line-up of their squad changes dramatically come September. It is also proven that flexibility is key at these age groups to get the best results.

With this in mind NLD will not be running a formal league structure for U18’s next season. Instead we are going for a more relaxed approach with a view to being able to accommodate clubs and players needs later on in the year.

The Pitch Up & Play Turbo 10’s event in September will be a good opportunity for clubs to come together at the start of the season and have a fun and enjoyable festival. From here we will look to make plans for later in the season and will do our best to offer opportunities for similar events. On a week to week basis clubs will be encouraged to play friendly fixtures which will enable them to play locally against teams of a similar standard and on a day that suits them best.

We are aware that there is a friendly league being organised where matches to be played on a Saturday.  This is not an NLD organised structure and whilst we have no issue with clubs taking part we wanted to clarify this for you.

For details of the NLD 2016-17 Playing Calendar please click here.