NLD Junior Competition Dates 16-17 & Age Grade Rugby Roadshows

NLD are happy to confirm the first draft of Junior Competition dates for the forthcoming 2016-17 season. We are aware that the competitions start very early in September but we have allowed for 5 rounds per competition which is the maximum that should be required (5 teams in a pool), the majority of the competitions will only require 3 rounds (4 teams in a pool).

NLD RFU Age Grade Playing Competitions Calendar 2016-17 v1

NLD U13-18 Dates 2016-17 v2

More information on Age Grade rugby can be found here.

There are also some upcoming RFU Age Grade Rugby Roadshows that will be aiding the transition for the changes to Age Grade Rugby.  It is really important that as many representatives from your club can attend these as possible.

The full calendar is available here, although the most local event will be at Mansfield RFC on 2nd March 2016.  These roadshows are open to anyone affected by the changes and all are welcome.  If you are planning to attend contact [email protected] to confirm.

Should you be unable to attend the session at Mansfield will also be live streamed on so you will be able to follow the meeting as it happens and there will be the opportunity to raise questions via twitter and email.

There are obviously some fairly large changes coming into play for the 2016-17 season and this is an exciting time for rugby.  Please embrace them and when you have any questions take the opportunities to raise them!