NLD U17 Nominations Invited

The NLD U17 Development Programme will run during February, March and April of 2015 and I write to inform you of the nomination process for the trials at the beginning of this year’s programme.

Trials for the U16 players will take place on Monday 01 February at Newark starting at 6:00 p.m.

Trials for the U17 players will take place on Monday 08 February at Newark starting at 6:00 p.m.

The final part of the initial trial process will take the form of a full match, for those players selected by this stage, on the evening of Tuesday 23 or Wednesday 24 February at a venue to be decided.

If you are nominating as a school teacher please use the above as a guide to which trial your players should attend.

To ensure that we receive only your best players, each club and school is allowed to nominate a maximum of three players only from the relevant age groups. It is important that the players nominated are of a standard, in terms of skills set, physicality, motivation and game management, which could assure them of a Midlands Counties Trial next November.

If any teachers/coaches are uncertain as to what level of performance is expected from players nominated, they should contact the Head Coach, Nathan Smith on 07834 156892 or at [email protected] . It should be remembered that nominating players who are not ready to play at this elevated level can have an adverse effect on self-esteem and considerable thought should be given as to how this may affect individual players.

If you believe you have more than three players who are genuinely capable of playing at and beyond NLD level it is mandatory for you to contact the Head Coach, Nathan Smith, to discuss the nominations. Nathan can be contacted on 07834 156892 or at [email protected] .

Nominations exceeding the limit of three without the approval of the Head Coach will be rejected, as will nominations made by parents on behalf of their own child – nominations will only be accepted through the approved route of clubs and schools.

Those responsible for nominating players should also give consideration as to whether any individual concerned will be prepared to commit the necessary time to complete the process. Equally, careful thought should be given as to whether players may experience difficulty in being released by their school/club for the training sessions, which form a crucial part of their preparation within the NLD programme in the build up to the Midlands Championship games.

Schools and clubs who have players who are unlikely to be released to attend the regular training sessions from September onwards and who, therefore, may be unable to fulfil the expected level of commitment, may wish to consider whether a nomination, in those circumstance, is appropriate.

Nominations are to be made by e-mail and the following information is required for every player nominated – Name, Club/School, Date of Birth, Playing position, Contact mobile number and email address. A copy of the nomination form is available to download here.

Please note that eligible players are those born on or after 1st September 1998, but not later than 31st August 2000, i.e. those who are currently playing U16 or U17 rugby at school or club.

Any player who has played for NLD U18s this season and is eligible to play again next year (i.e.  is currently U17) does not need to be nominated as he has an automatic invitation in to the provisional  U17 Group squad.  Once the programme reaches the trial match stage, the existing squad members will compete on a level footing with the new intake.

If teachers/coaches have players who have represented NLD at U16 this season, they should be considered for inclusion among the maximum three nominations.

The closing date for the nominations is Friday 22nd January 2016. Nominations received after this date will not be processed.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Lee Slack Manager NLD U18’s Squad