Match Reports & Social Media

Several incidents of inflammatory comments and frankly offensive postings have been brought to the attention of the disciplinary panel. The comments have proved neither to be clever or well informed. Often they are downright offensive and can only be characterised as the rantings of someone who cannot claim to have any affinity for the values of the game or the well-being of the (junior) players.

If we are going to make comment let us try to be positive in what we say – particularly where minis and junior are concerned. Do not forget that what we do and say with kids will have a very significant influence on them. We complain about the “soccerisation” of our great game; let us do our part in protecting the values and the ethos of our game by showing an example of sportsmanship and appropriate behaviour.

Let us respect our players and their opponents. Let us respect the match officials – who are all volunteers. They give up their time to facilitate the matches that we all enjoy.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Nick Mudd

Chair of Discipline