NLD U16’s Overcome by Leicestershire

It was a foggy day for the match against Leicestershire at Newark RFC on Sunday 1st November.  Leicestershire started the game well and got a quick try and conversion past the home side followed by a penalty.
NLD SQUAD 1st NOV FOGNLD then woke up and as in the previous week put in some hard work excellent rucking, good tackling and some decent runs. Most of the action for the rest of the first half had the NLD camped on the Leicester try line but sadly unable to convert possession to points.  Leicester ended the first half 14 points up to NLDs 3 points from a penalty

Another rousing half time talk by the coaches followed with them pointing out we were in almost the same position as we were the week before.

Once more the lads rallied and NLD were rewarded with tries – although by now the fog was so deep it was difficult to see who had scored them!  A quick run on with the water and we had the names – excellent tries by Bill Rush and then Chris Rudkin and a conversion taking NLD to a point in front of Leics at 15-14 with about 10 mins to go.

A knock forward and a momentary lapse in concentration allowed Leicestershire to get two further tries although the fog was so deep by then they were unable to convert them.

The final score was 24-15 to Leicestershire before both teams were completely swallowed up by the weather.

It was a disappointing result for the team and did not reflect the hard work and excellent effort they had put in. A more decisive start could have made all the difference. The next match is on the 15th November against Eastern Counties and we look forward to seeing the players in action again.

Report:  Lindsey Riley – NLD U16 Manager

NLD Squad


Harry Clayton – John Fernley College / Leicester Forest RFC
Luke Easton – Nottingham High School / Nottingham Corsairs RFC
George Ilincuta – QEGS, Gainsborough / Market Rasen & Louth RFC
Harley Riches – Casterton Business & Enterprise College / Stamford RFC
Chris Rudkin – Trent College / Nottingham Corsairs RFC
Cameron Cox – Kings School, Grantham / Nottingham Corsairs RFC
Alfie Dawson – QEGS, Alford / Market Rasen RFC
Dylan Hodgson – Huntcliff School / Scunthorpe RFC
Ben Jackson – Southwell Minster School / Southwell RFC
Xander Purcell – Becket School / Nottingham Corsairs RFC
Bill Rush – Kings School, Grantham / Newark RFC
Oliver Patu – King Edward VII School / Abbeydale RFC
Michael Hayes – Kirk Hallam / Ilkeston RFC


Ben Shields – Spalding Grammar School / Spalding RFC
Oscar Malik – South Wolds Academy / West Bridgford RFC
Charlie Johnson – Spalding Grammar School / Sleaford RFC
Hugo Finley – QEGS, Horncastle / Sleaford RFC
Zach Godfrey – Stamford School / Oakham RFC
Jasper Nilsson – Lincoln Priory LSST / Sleaford RFC
Joe Burns – Toothill School / Newark RFC
Alfie Wallis – Toll Barr Academy – Grimsby RFC
Josh Seabrook – Carres Grammar School / Newark RFC
Will Helliwell – Kings School, Grantham / Kesteven RFC