NLD U18’s Squad – Head Coach Succession Plan

After more than 10 years as Head Coach, Nathan Smith will be moving on after the current Midlands campaign, which means the process to find a replacement needs to begin now if we are to provide a seamless transition.

Continuity in the coaching set up over the last decade has enabled the NLD to rise to the very top of the Midlands’ pile, with yet another Midlands Championship secured last season. In order to maintain that level of success, we need to find a coach or coaches who have comparable skills to keep the momentum at this crucial age group moving forward.

With this in mind and with the 2015 campaign already under way, the current Coaching Team would like to extend an informal invitation to any coaches who have ambitions to participate in this age group as an Assistant or Head Coach.

At this stage, the idea is to enable potential coaching staff to experience what happens during the build up to the Midlands Championship games and to observe the level of involvement required if, as a CB, we are to continue the success of recent years in securing nominations for as many players as possible to go forward to Midlands’ trials.

Of course, competent coaching skills will form a key part of the role. However, the ability to relate and communicate ‘upstream’ in grading meetings and Midlands squad selection meetings is of equal significance.

The current Assistant Coaches, John Jefferson and Dave Andrews, will remain in post and their wealth of experience, gathered over more than 10 campaigns, will prove invaluable to any new additions to the coaching set up.

The gradual integration of new coach(es) into the NLD environment is seen as a crucial step in maintaining the continuity and quality of coaching provision within the squad. The primary driver will always be player development and consistency of approach over time will help provide a stable environment for our more talented players to thrive in.

Any coaches who are interested in making the transition into coaching at representative level at this time or in the future are asked to contact the Head of Representative Rugby in the first instance.

Invitations will then be sent out to a number of those who have expressed interest in this role in order that they may attend forthcoming sessions and matches with a view to exploring whether their skill sets are compatible with the needs of the U18’s squad.

In order to properly manage the arrangements, coaches are reminded to liaise through the Head of Representative Rugby rather than attending sessions unannounced.


In the first instance please send expressions of interest for the attention of Lee Slack, NLD Head of Representative Rugby, to [email protected].