Project aiming to reduce injuries in men’s community rugby teams

The community rugby injury surveillance project (CRISP) is an RFU funded programme and coordinated by a team at the University of Bath with the aim of providing a comprehensive understanding of the injury profile of the English men’s community game and to introduce methods to reduce injuries.

For season 2015-16, the CRISP team are currently recruiting men’s teams from RFU level 3-9 clubs to incorporate a set of injury prevention exercises into their warm-ups and help to establish whether these can reduce match play injuries.

What the team require from participating clubs over the 2015-16 season:

Begin each training session and match warm-up with a 10-15 minute set of exercises prescribed by the CRISP team before moving into their own drills.
Details on any 1st XV match injuries causing the player to miss one match or more.
A list of players involved in each 1st XV match.
Brief details on age, weight and height for 1st team squad players

Participating clubs will benefit from:

A report of their season’s match injuries, compared with other clubs.
Structured warm-up practices with the potential to reduce injuries.
Contributing to our understanding of injury patterns and prevention in English Community rugby.
Membership to the World Rugby Science Network, providing the latest advances in rugby science.

Registration is now open. Please contact the study team by 29th May to nominate your club. A member of the CRISP team will visit participating clubs before the start of pre-season training.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01225 384531