CB Roles & Responsibilities

The RFU’s Club Development Sub Committee has recently been looking into the role of the CB (Constituent Body) and what clubs can expect from their managing body so that there is a better understanding of the different roles and responsibilities.

While the RFU appreciates that each geographical CB will do things a little differently the core focus of managing and developing rugby remains the same across the country.  A document has been produced by the RFU that aims to outline all of these key roles & responsibilities in a bid to provide greater clarity and to help provide increased consistency in the work undertaken by CBs.

You can view a copy of the paper here, we would encourage all clubs to take the time to read the paper and should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with Nicole in the NLD office – [email protected].

The importance of the working relationship between clubs, NLD and the RFU is paramount and can only help improve the rugby on offer throughout the three counties.